Myles (age 2) is currently in a nap rebellion phase.

However, if he doesn’t take a nap, he’s a fright to be around by bedtime.

So, we try really hard to get him to sleep, usually we lay on the floor in his room and make sure he stays in his crib.

Well, turns out he found a way to slip past his guard…

He squeezes his eyes shut really tightly, crawls out of the crib and beelines out the door.


Do you think we should tell him that he’s the only one that can’t see?😅😆

More Action Less Words

• It’s been prophesied that the year 2020 will bring 20-20 vision. That is a term eye doctors use to describe perfect vision.

Perfect vision in this time, I believe, means that in the church we will see clearly who relies on the Holy Spirit and who relies on man made systems.

Perfect vision in this time will reveal in individuals, who has truly put their trust in God and who has rather chosen, to rely on themselves, on their own business, their own ability to take care of themselves.

Perfect vision in this time will reveal systems and even individual people within our government system that are pursuing control rather then what’s best for the people.

The current worldwide pandemic is doing exactly this☝️. It is shaking the foundations that we have built, it is revealing the hearts of the people, the strength of the church and the power of the government.

Are we ok with what we see?

Will we accept what is being revealed to us, about ourselves, our churches and our government systems?

Many people have asked us something along the lines of: “Why move to California? It’s one of the most democratic states out there.”

It is my opinion that this question answers itself. “Because, they obviously need republicans!” Ok, that actually has nothing to do with it, but still! We won’t change the world by running from everything that’s problematic!

The thing that has really stood out to me through this pandemic tho, is that fact that while California has put the most restrictions in place, Pennsylvania is not far behind them.

Why is PA, a state with a lot of conservative people who claim to be republican, a democratic state?

May I dare suggest, that the moral decline of America isn’t so much because of the people living in sin, as it is because of a church that has lost its fire?

A church that uses Facebook to vent and rant about injustices of the world, such as: abortion, human trafficking etc. All while simultaneously being unwilling to take action.

Our reasons for not taking action are pretty shallow… physical comfort and fear of what others will think are some of the devils favorite tools in this region.

It is my opinion that the church should be doing less talking and more doing.

• We should be doing less talking about the demonic Super Bowl halftime show, and take steps to put Christians on that stage. It is the worlds largest platform, imagine the impact it could have on the world if we put some Jesus-loving-people up there.

(Also… put some research into it… these woman had a team of people working with them for months before hand in order to maximize the influence of the message they wanted to get out. A message that was (in part) about freeing Latino woman and children. I don’t think it’s a coincident that this is also a message that God has been highlighting at this time.

Is it possible, that God will say what he wants the world to know, by any means available? Is it possible that he used Jennifer Lopez because there was no willing Christians?

• We should be doing less talking about the evilness of abortion and start taking steps to help these girls in need.

Planned parenthood saw a need and they stepped up. Sure, their solutions are pure evil, but the real question is: “Why hasn’t the church stepped up?”

These are woman and girls getting abortions, often not because it’s what they want but because they see no other way. They have zero hope of being able to care for their baby. Some (many?) actually believe they are doing the right thing.

Instead of bashing planned parenthood, shouldn’t we be trying to take their clients instead?

• We Should be doing less talking about Tom Wolf’s crazy reaction to this pandemic and start doing whatever it takes to remove him from his position as PA’s governor. Wether he is or isn’t doing the right thing during this pandemic isn’t really the point. The point is: What he stands for and wants to accomplish is not good things.

As Christians, we should be using less words and taking more action. If we really want to change the world we need to get our people into the government, into Hollywood, into major sports.

Sports, movies, the government: ‘Its not the platforms that are corrupt, it’s the people using them that are corrupt.’

Are we the church, willing to give up our comfortable lives in order to start changing the world?



Revelation of the day: If you’re a thinker, you’ll have the ability to out think almost everyone else. You’ll be able to silence any argument because your over active mind has already covered every angle. Therefore it is imperative that you engage with other deep thinkers, lest you forget that your brain too has limits.

Also, the physical brain is no match for the spiritual realm.

If you want someone to broaden your perspective, find a cookie (it’s a family nickname) they will challenge everything you’ve ever thought to be true.

This is a note to self. If it makes no sense to you, then you probably didn’t need to hear it.🙃


It’s Time To Aquire All That God Has For Us

We put our house on the market on a Thursday night, listed at $299,500. On Sunday we were given a prophetic word that our house was going to be under contract by the end of the week and we would get more for it then we are asking for.

Long story short: by Wednesday morning we had an offer of $305,000 for it. Obviously we were excited and were going to take it, right? I mean it’s already above the listed price, so what more could we ask for.

So, we took the offer, but the thought ‘It’s not good enough!’ Kept going though my head. I consider myself a pretty reasonable person, so thinking a number that was already higher then expected wasn’t good enough, simply didn’t make sense.

Finally, after much too long, I asked God:”What are you trying to tell me?”

His answer: “I want you to refuse to settle for less then I have for you.”

Me: “Ok, I’ll pray for a higher offer.” I’m working by myself so this works out well.

God: “No. Take action, it doesn’t count if no one knows about it.”

So, I called Checkers and told him I think we’re supposed to pursue a higher offer for our house because I feel like God is saying ‘it’s not good enough!’

Believe it or not, soon after I hung up, God stopped talking in riddles and gave me the complete version of what he wanted me to understand. (As Barb Works says: keep being obedient without understanding and you’ll end up right where God wants you!)

What I believe God wanted me to get is this: We, his people, are settling for less then he has for us. We act as if the God we serve operates on human strength, but the truth is: He is powerful, he is almighty, he is God!

And yet when life happens and things go wrong, we simply shrug in defeat, we give up instead of tapping into his  power and the wide range of resources that he has made available to us! 

Yea, I believe that God actually wanted us to spend some time asking him for an even better price on our house. Not because he was going to give us a higher price but because he wants us to live a life that refuses to stop until we’re absolutely sure he doesn’t have something more in store. (And also because he absolutely enjoys spending time with us, and being involved in the details of our lives.)

In this case, had we simply settled for that price, we would have missed out on what he wanted to say.

It was never about getting more for the house, it was about refusing to settle for less then what God has for us.

I believe, that we are living in a season where God is taking back ground that the enemy has stolen.

It’s a time when you’ve got to see things from a spiritual perspective or it won’t make much sense.

It’s a time where, I believe, we will see as much victory as we fight for, and we won’t get what we give up on.

God has more for us, guys, I know this so deeply that it almost drives me crazy sometimes. We are settling for so much less then he is offering.

There’s a battle raging in the spiritual realm. If you look at the world with a human mindset it’s quite terrifying, and it really does look like we’re all going to die.

However, if you see it from God’s perspective it makes much more sense.

• Sean Feucht ran for Congress… and he lost. To the world this looks like failure, but a Jesus follower will recognize the spiritual ground that was recovered from the enemy! (Find Sean feucht on Facebook and read his story.) He opened doors for the next person to run an even better race, a lot more Christians are voting because of this and that’s only a small part of it all. Go read his story, it’s worth your while.

• Olive, she died at 2 years old but her parents refused to allow death to have the final word. They spent a week, worshiping with their church and speaking life over her. Hoping for her to awake, to live again. She didn’t come alive again and to the world that meant the whole thing was a failure. The truth is tho, the hearts of the people were awakened. People encountered God in new ways because someone dared to challenge death. Again… through this the devil lost ground and I believe that because of Olive’s story, more people won’t  see death as the end and we will see people come back to life.

God is always in control, he’s got everything covered. However, this side of Heaven the spiritual battle will continue to rage. With each move of God the devil will move as well.

So when God starts taking back ground that the devil thought he already owns, he will fight back. Hence the coronavirus and the impeachment hoax and whatever else is going on right now… to the natural eye it looks like the world is out of control, but to the spiritual eye it looks like God has declared: ‘Enough is enough!’

I believe that God wants us to walk through the next season of life with a ‘that’s not good enough!’ mentality.

I’m not talking about living a life of  discontentment though, I’m talking about pursuing the miracles, healings, supernatural acts and freedom that the Bible tells us God is capable of supplying.

I believe that we aren’t supposed to settle for anything less then a church that looks like the early church did. Did you ever wonder what the apostle Paul would say if he walked into a modern day church?

He wasn’t the kind of guy to mince words, and I’m pretty certain a large percent of people would walk out of church offended by his opinion.

And that my friend, is scarier then the coronavirus.

Coronavirus And Why You Should Freak Out

Since there seems to be nothing else on Facebook these days, I thought I’d add my 2 cents on this coronavirus thing.

First of all, I can’t quite decide which is more annoying… the ‘coronavirus is scary posts’ or the ‘stop freaking out posts.’ I think it’s safe to say that both are being overused because I’m really tired of seeing anything about this virus by now. (And here I am, adding to the noise.)🤦‍♀️

Except the toilet paper stories, cuz those are hilarious.  Explain to me again how toilet paper is helpful in this situation?🤷‍♀️

Here’s my advice:

1. Stop buying toilet paper. It’s not helpful against a virus. (Isn’t this common sense?)😅

2. Don’t overuse hand sanitizers. They weaken your immune system.

3. Get educated on viruses. You see, viruses are always around, but they do vary in strength and not all are contagious. I know people who have had a virus and I know how scary they can be, because they can and will attack your organs, and will often leave permanent damage especially if they attack the heart. But if you have a healthy immune system, your body will usually fight off the virus and you will never even know you had it. So the bottom line is: The coronavirus might be be a stronger virus then most but the solution is simple: Build up your immune system. Go buy spinach, not toilet paper.😎 (Also, I know very little about these things so read that ☝️ with a grain of salt.)

4. Stop freaking out. It’s not helpful. 🤨

5. Shut down your social media, stop listening to ‘fake’ news and watch your fear disappear.

6. Ask God what he has to say about it.

Now, for the real reason the coronavirus should scare you.

1. You might end up with a flooded bathroom. At school, they have used the coronavirus to teach the kids about proper hand washing. Kenzie (age 7) is all in, she washes her hands in the morning, before meals, when she touches her face and the list goes on. And she washes them for 20 seconds (the recommended time) which allows plenty of time for her brothers (ages 4 and 2) to realize that they To should keep their hands clean. Guys this is getting serious. When 3 kids ages 7 and younger wash their hands for 20 seconds, multiple times a day, we end up with water all over the counter, running down the sides and forming a puddle on the floor. We might need to do a bathroom reno from water damage if this virus doesn’t blow over soon.😳

2. We might end up homeless. The state is slowly shutting down schools, churches etc. Linville school is not shutting down unless the state shuts them down. The thing is, the last day of school is on June second and settlement on our house at this point is on June second or soon after which means we need to be out on that day. If Linville gets shut down for a week or two that means school will go a week or two longer which means we won’t have a house to live in since we can’t actually move till school is out because we do want Kenzie to graduate. I have no idea if that made any sense but take my word for it: we need this coronavirus to go away or else we might end up living in a tent for a couple weeks. 😳

And that my friends, is the real reason that the coronavirus should scare you.

On another note: I know for sure that what the devil means for evil, God can always use for good if we give it to him.

As for you, you meant evil against me, but God meant it for good in order to bring about this present result, to preserve many people alive.Genesis 50:20 NASB

Right now the world is living in fear of death but God is promising life.

Kid Talk

Kyna: “Jesus is so strong he could pick up the whole world!”

Kenzie: (throws her head back and laughs) “If Jesus did that we would wiggle waggle all over the place! The cars on the road an the trees and everything would be tipping and sliding!”

Me: 😳 while silently hoping Jesus never decides to pick up the whole world.

Rewriting The Lyrics

“Hallelujah, it rains on everything! Hallelujah Jesus is king!”

Those were the words that Kyna was singing with much enthusiasm.

I was busy painting and only half listening to the shenanigans of the kids around me, but my sub-conscious kept picking up on the fact that something was off with this song.

As, I hummed the song to myself I found the problem…

Hallelujah, he reigns ore everything! Hallelujah, Jesus is king!

God has written the story of your life. It’s a story of redemption. Of love. Of hope. Of beauty from ashes.

The devil has his own agenda for your life. It’s one of death. Of hate. Of defeat. Of turning beauty to decay.

You can follow whomever you want. The choice is yours.

When the devil sings songs of death, will you rise above it and rewrite the lyrics to those of life?

When he chants defeat, will you claim victory?

As I wrestled through some demonic mind games recently, I asked God, “What do you have to say about this?”

His answer: “The devil is like an evil TV commercial. If you don’t like what you see, you have the option of turning it off.”

You see, we have some pretty strict TV policies in place at our house.

We don’t have cable, but we have an antenna that allows us to watch football games. Each game is watched with a remote in hand and those eye widening, fear causing commercials are not given a voice in our house. They are promptly with no second guessing turned off before they even have a chance to influence our lives.

That is how powerless the devil is in the life of a Christian. When he flaunts stories of rejection, fear, could happens, and ‘you will never beat these things’ through your mind, you have the option of simply flipping the channel.

You have the option to refuse to view the garbage that he’s throwing at you.

You simply turn of your thoughts and focus on Jesus. Because he already won the battle. He settled it all on the cross. He gave his life for our redemption.

The devil lost and Jesus declared his victory with 3 simple words.

”It is finished.”



How To Make The News

Well, the news in the doctors office that is.

You know how, when you have a baby crawling on the floor, you try to keep the tiny things picked up because they like to put everything in their mouths?

Well take it from a pro…

When they are preschool age, you should still keep these tiny things, not only off the floor but completely out of their reach.


So, they don’t stick them in their ears.

Yup, you heard that right.

Kyna came to me and said, “Mom, can you get this out of my ear.”

I looked in his ear.

Nope. I don’t think I can get that out.🤨

”Kyna, why is that in your ear?!”

”Because, it was my ear rings. I had one in the other ear too but I could get that one out.”

Kenzie’s bean bag chair has a hole, so we have these tiny foam balls floating around here, and that is what he used for ear rings.

Alright… I start brainstorming…

A tweezers! Aha!

Nope, the end of the tweezers was much too large for a tiny ball in his tiny ears. I managed to push it farther back tho. Oh, shoot!😳

Plan B. Suction! Yes! But what to use?

You know those dropper things that come with kids medicine? I tried using one of those but the suction it created wasn’t powerful enough.

Now I’m actually starting to freak out a bit cuz I really don’t know if I’ll be able to get this thing out!

Suction… what else causes suction?

The vacuum. Aha!

Don’t laugh. Desperate times call for desperate measures.

And before you question my parenting abilities please know that I tried it on my ear first.😎 It didn’t feel all that great but it didn’t suck my eardrum our either.

Nope, it didn’t work.

I’m guessing that one doesn’t need an explanation… you know large vacuum tube, versus tiny ear is pretty much destined to equal zero results.

I didn’t think about it at the time so I didn’t try this one but I’ll put it out there for you to try if you ever find yourself in my situation.

Put a straw in the ear and suck on it. Ew, I know, but at least its a cost free solution. Let me know if it works. I have high hopes for that one.

Plan C.

I called Checkers.

He laughed.

Here I am with this big gigantic problem and he laughed. (Actually I guess in reality it was actually a teeny tiny problem.)🤨

He was no help.

Plan D.

Google. Yea google rarely lets me down.

Flush it out with water, google said.

Unfortunately this tiny ball wasn’t in the mood swim and simply sat there stubbornly.

Plan E.

Ignore it.

I sent Kyna off to play while I went back to what I had been doing.

Yea this should work, surely it would just drop out eventually right?


Plan F.

Checkers came home and he took a turn ear fishing for foam balls. Because you know, maybe he’s better at it then I was.

Turns our the only thing he was better at was pushing it even deeper.🤦‍♀️

Plan G.

Let the professionals handle it.

This is the plan I knew wouldn’t fail but was also hoping not to use.

I mean seriously, a Dr bill for removing something from my child’s ear?!🙈

I called them hoping they could help and would not send me to the E.R.

Let me check with the nurse the receptionist said.

😳 Not really what I wanted to hear.

“Bring him in.”they said.

Turns out we were some kind of learning experience for the whole office, I believe, as we had a total of four people weighing in on this ‘how to remove things from a kids ear 101.’ And that doesn’t even include the receptionist who was also very interested in this event.

The Dr did assure me tho, that this happens quite a bit. “You know it’s just kids learning about their bodies, figuring out what works and what doesn’t.”

Well I’m hoping Kyna figured out that this definitely does NOT work. Although from his perspective it might seem like it did considering all the attention, sticker and lollipop that he got.🙃

The Dr told us that when he worked in the pediatric wing of the hospital they had a jar with all the things in it that they removed from kids noses and ears.🤷‍♀️😂

I realized soon after we were in the room, that the Dr and nurses weren’t very confident that they would be successful in getting this thing out.

Well that’s quite reassuring.

The nurse used a bottle of water with a tiny tube attached to it, squirted it into his ear and that stubborn ball floated right out.

As soon as it was out she set down her water bottle, yanked open the door, held both thumbs high in the air and exclaimed, “It’s out!”

The nurse’s station erupted with cheers and clapping and I realized for the first time that literally every person working in there was aware of why we were there and waiting to hear the outcome.🤦‍♀️

Talk about making the front page.🙈

So much for not liking the spotlight. Kids… they’ll make sure you get noticed.😆

Afterwords the dr told me that they decided that they’d take a shot at getting it out but if they failed, they weren’t going to charge us and would have sent us to the E.R.

Well, I was mighty glad they tried because tho it cost us $71, they saved us time and money by not sending us to the E.R.

So there, consider yourself warned, and hide anything that might fit in your child’s nose or ear.🙃

Hide and Seek The King Way

The kids were entertained with an epic game of hide and seek, and I was entertained by watching them.

I walked into the mudroom and found Kenz, who’s legs were fully visible but her upper body was hidden by the jackets hanging there. I was immediately shushed when I talked to her. Whoops, I had no idea that was a hiding place.🤷‍♀️

Myles sat in the middle of the leaving room floor and pulled a blanket over his head. Yup. The rest of his body was completely visible, not that it mattered though, because as soon as Kenzie walked into the room, he jumped up and shouted, “Found!”😂

I think he might have a faint idea of what’s going on.

And now for best part…

Kenzie was ‘it’ and I quite literally snickered to myself when I heard her counting: 48, 49, 50 Thank you Jesus. Amen.

I don’t know if this is how they always play the game or if she somehow got distracted and thought she was praying. Either way, I found it funny.😆




Why Do We Buy Toys?

Its January 2nd.

Less then two weeks ago, we started a slow but almost complete overhaul on our play room.

Before the Christmas gifts started rolling in, I went through all the toys and got rid of everything except the favorites: Matchbox cars and tracks and Kenzie’s doll stuff. Everything else left.

Now they have a toy room full of brand new toys…

However, these toys are currently lonely and unemployed while the kids have been entertained for the last hour or more with grocery bags.

Yup, grocery bags.

Yup, they were free.

I’ve always been fascinated with how a kid’s imagination takes over when you give them things to play with that have no specific shape or purpose. But when you give them toys that only do one thing, they get tired of them rather quickly.

And there you have it. A peek at the thoughts rambling through my mind.

I’m wondering what would happen if I got rid of all our toys?😳🤷‍♀️😅