Covid-19 And The Spirit Behind It

Three months ago Chester County was put under the stay at home order.

We live in Chester county and were one of the first counties under lockdown.

My reaction was one of frustration, irritation, annoyance and probably every other emotion that isn’t good.

Checkers called me out. “It’s called fear, Grace.” He said.

I almost shifted my angry emotions from Wolf to him, but I knew he was right.

I wasn’t afraid of the virus, but I am terrified of being controlled.

Fear was the first tactic used through this pandemic. Fear spread Like wildfire and it was promoted by the media, because fear will stop people in their tracks. Fear will turn a bold person into frozen statue. Fear will cause you to look for safety. Which the government proclaimed they were ready to provide. (See How That all worked in their favor?)

Tom Wolf’s actions were a trigger for me, I was well aware of that from the beginning.

If you’ve been under the influence of a spirit you will recognize it subconsciously before you can even put into words what you’re feeling.

You see, there was a time in my life when I was controlled. Manipulated. Not allowed to form my own opinions. Expected to obey and conform with no room to think and act for myself.

On the other side of that I can tell you that giving up my freedom for safety is not worth it.

I would rather face a virus with a 100% death rate then live under someone else’s idea of what is best for my life.

Death is safer then being controlled. I am sure of that.

That is why we never followed the stay home mandate. We didn’t go to church since it was closed but other then that our life went on pretty much as normal. We respected those who were following the stay home orders but other then that we visited who we wanted, when we wanted.

In case you’re wondering… no, I never felt guilty for ignoring the governor’s orders.

Why not?

Because, I’m a rule follower by nature. I don’t have a problem with authority figures who lead fairly.

However, I have a major problem with authority figures who abuse their power, who control, manipulate and dominate instead of leading.

I honestly don’t think the government should at any time have the right to tell people they have to close their businesses and stay home.

I think it should be my risk to take. Close my business on my own, or take my chances of catching this virus. My life, my choice.

This is where the manipulation started. (You see, fear lost its power eventually so a new tactic was needed.)

“It’s not that we think a lot of people will die from the virus, we are afraid of hospitals being overwhelmed.” They said.

This statement is manipulative because it’s basically saying that if you care about anyone but yourself you will do as I say. (Again, I’ve been there, done that. Unconstitutional, abusive orders do not need to be followed.)

Also… I would say Trump proved, by bringing in hospital ships, that hospitals were not going to be overwhelmed right away.

“My mask protects you, your mask protects me.”

”You care more about your business then you do about people dying.”

”Stay home or people will die.”

Those are just a few of the many manipulative comments that have been used throughout this whole thing.

For the most part I think most of this goes back to Wolf.

He knows that most people are more concerned about keeping their businesses afloat then they are at staying physically safe from a virus.

So he turned the whole thing around and said if you care about the people around you, you will willingly suffer. Willingly lose your business. Willingly be unable to afford to feed your family. (Because we’ve got to be loving, right?)

I’m sorry guys but it just doesn’t work that way.

Even the airlines tell you in case of an emergency always put on your own mask first before helping others.

Why? Because you will help people better if you yourself have enough oxygen. If you run out of oxygen you and all the people you could have helped will die.

If you want to help others, you must first help yourself.

I believe we’ve seen more damage done to PA in the form of suicides, drug abuse, depression, business closures and what not then we would have seen Covid deaths if we had never shut anything down.

But… that’s just my opinion and there is really no way to test my theory.

This spirit will stop at nothing.

Once people saw through the manipulation, it brought out the ‘you’re an egotistical idiot’ tactic.

Do you really think you know better then the experts?! The experts always know better then the common people. There is a reason they’re called experts!” (Actuallyin the case of Covid it seems they don’t.)

Again, people eventually see it for what it is, but keep in mind this spirit never loses. It’s next tactic is to a complete 180.

Like starting riots all over America, and we’re over here like wait… weren’t we talking about a virus?! And just like that you find yourself being called a racist for being worried about a virus when there is obviously a much bigger issue.

Do you see what just happened there? You are suddenly being accused as the one responsible for promoting a virus that 2 seconds ago you were fighting against.

This spirit is entitled and it hates unity. It’s ultimate goal is cause division amongst people. And it NEVER admits defeat.

Once it’s fully backed into a corner, it changes tactics. It shifts blame from itself to others. It changes colors, personalities and does whatever it has to do to come out on top.

But it never, ever admits defeat. It never admits to being wrong.

If it does admit to being wrong, it will still point its finger at someone else, such as: ‘Yes, I messed up but it was because you gave me inaccurate information!’

This spirit leaves under one and only one condition.

That condition is called true repentance.

Feel good apologies, finding loopholes rather then admitting actual fault, blame shifting, and more are all permission slips for this spirit to stay.

It is powerful, it is deadly and currently I’d say it has a massive grip on our country.

Nope, I don’t know how to fully get rid of this spirit when it’s running rampant in a country.

I do know that since it’s a principality and not a demon it cannot be cast out. I also know that if you give it no voice in your life it will be subdued, but without complete and total repentance it will never be fully gone.

Again, I don’t know how to take America back from the grips of this Spirit, but I do know that it cannot coexist with the Holy Spirit.

So, maybe we can override it with prayer. I think it would be amazing to see 24/7 prayer at the capitals of every single state.

I don’t have any ideas on how to actually accomplish that though.

The political fight for our country is very real but I think if we win the spiritual fight the rest will all fall into place.

As Trump says: Make America great again!







America’s Government And What You Should Know If You Value Your Freedom

Three months ago I knew nothing about politics.

Three months ago I had no interest in politics.

Today, I’m considering running for PA governor because it is my opinion that even an undereducated, ex-Amish person could do a better job then Tom Wolf. Common sense would have went a long way.

(Ok, that was a stretch. I have no desire to be governor.)😳

Phase 1.

When coronavirus first made its appearance, I thought it was the craziest thing anyone ever came up with. A random virus from China didn’t freak me out nor was I convinced that it was going to effect my life.

I ignored it. (Oh, the ignorance)🤦‍♀️

Phase 2.

I realized that people are actually freaking out about this thing. Ok. I can play this game. At market we started sanitizing everything and wearing an excessive amount of gloves. You know, make it look like we were keeping corona at bay.

Phase 3.

Tom Wolf started shutting everything down. Now I’m starting to freak out. Not because of Covid but because my safe uneducated life, my income and my freedom were at risk.

That is when I decided I should learn about politics because if the left can chant ‘my body, my choice’ when it comes to abortions, why can I not use the same phrase when it comes to covid?

What I learned…

(The American government system is a complex thing. I think I understand this all correctly but there is so many variables to each bill, resolution or law that it is almost impossible to exhaust all angles or find consistent, correct information.)

Also you know it’s bad when even the members of Congress don’t always agree on the process of everything.

Here’s what I’ve got…

We the people of America govern ourselves. We are supposed to be the voice behind who is elected into the government. We are supposed to have a voice in the laws that are passed. We do NOT work for the government, the government works for us.

If we don’t like the laws that have been put in place we have no one to blame but ourselves because we turned a blind eye to what was happening in the political world. We tend to complain about these laws once they are in effect but we don’t use the voice that we do have while these laws are still in the debating process. 

How to be heard:

There is 3 branches to America’s government.

Executive: this is the President and his people. Judicial: this the Supreme Court and lower courts. I know very little about these two branches.

Legislative: this is the House of Representatives and the Senate. This is the one I studied the most and this is the one that is supposed to speak for the people.

I’m not entirely sure exactly what all each one does, but the House of representatives are the ones that create bills which then go through a a couple committees and must be passed by majority vote in the house and the senate. It then goes to the president who will either veto it or sign it into law.

This all gets slightly confusing but I think for individual state laws it goes to the governor to be signed or vetoed.

The House of Representatives also represent the people. Each state is split into districts and each district is assigned a representative, this representative is responsible to listen to what the people as a whole are saying and move or vote as the people want. Again, the government was set up to work for the people.

If you go to you can put in your area code and it will then pull up your state rep. You can email, call or meet these people in person and have your opinion on what’s happening in your state be heard.

If u want to know what bills are currently in the process of possibly becoming law go to This is the best website I’ve found so far but there might be better ones.

Harrisburg at work…

I have been fascinated by the political process of dealing with Wolf’s emergency shut down.

From our point of view it looked as if we were all just sitting around waiting for Wolf to set us free, but this is not the case.

Our republican state reps and senators were fighting for our freedom daily.

You can watch the house sessions live at

You can watch the senate sessions live at

On either one of those websites you’ll need to find the camera icon or link that will take you to the livestream.

About two or three weeks into governor Wolf’s emergency shut down orders, PA state rep Russ Diamond introduced House resolution 836. This would end Wolf’s shut down orders immediately if passed in both the house and senate.

I have no idea what took this thing so long to progress but it finally passed and became active last night (June 9th.)

The battle our republican reps and senators fought to make this happen was pretty insane. About two weeks ago it finally went to the house and was debated pretty much all afternoon. The start time was moved back by an hour or more because of the heated debate between the democrat and republican parties.

Around 9:00 PM they finally took it to the house floor and spent another two and a half hours debating it before they finally passed it at like 11:30 at night.

Two weeks later (yesterday) the senate debated this thing on the senate floor for another 3 or 4 hours before they finally passed it. Again this lasted until like 8 PM, I think.

My point is our republican reps and senators have put in an insane amount of brain power and time in order to bring freedom back to PA.

They tried to pass a bill that would allow multiple businesses to get back to work but wolf vetoed it.

They then took businesses one at a time and tried to make a way for them to get back to work.

Most times these passed in the house and the senate only to be vetoed by Wolf.

It was a slow progress but they were slowly getting somewhere because occasionally Wolf would sign off on something. Construction, real estate and auto dealerships are a few that were opened.

Here’s the scary part. The voting every single time was split almost perfectly down party lines. One of the few things PA had going for them the last couple months is the fact that in both the house and senate the majority is republican. (I think I have that right.)

Overtime, though, the democrats were slowly switching sides and in last night’s vote there was roughly 10 house and like 2 senate democrats that voted affirmative to pass HR836. (My numbers there are on shaky ground)

What we can do…

Vote. Not just for the president but for every single election that effects you and your area.

Contact your state rep and let yourself be heard on every bill might effect you or your children.

Know what’s happening in the political world because I’m pretty sure most of us were rudely awoken when covid came knocking.

Covid really was a good thing though, because if it hadn’t shown up we might have been led blindly into a democratic ruled country and I think they have made it extremely clear by now that once they are the majority even the constitution will crumble and become useless under their rule.

If we want our children and grandchildren to live in a free America, I think we need to wake up and become the leading voices in this nation rather the rolling our eyes at the terrible job the left is doing.

Be the change you want to see.


Recognizing That My Battle Isn’t Yours And Your Battle Isn’t Mine

Let me just say again…

Facebook is an interesting place these days.

There is a lot of differing opinions, and some of them you can’t really label as right or wrong.

They are simply different. 

I might not agree with some of the opinions out there and they might even be completely contradictory to mine but still, I can’t necessarily declare that their opinion is wrong.

Here’s an example:

Romans 13 has been quoted by more then one person through this pandemic and the opinion with it says that we should do exactly what Wolf says. This has come from people who I highly respect and have great relationships with.

My opinion is that we can respect Wolf without falling prey to his unconstitutional demands.

Still, who am I to say I’m right and they’re wrong?

Another example:


Fauchi himself said that masks are not helpful against Coronavirus. A lot of doctors are speaking up saying they are actually harmful.

I’ve taken this subject to trial in my head and the truth is, I don’t believe there to be a right or wrong side.

I can tell you that if my business was fully my own, we wouldn’t be wearing masks.

On the other hand… I tried it at market one day, we made it about halfway through the day before the market manager told us we need to wear them.

Again, this is a person I have a great relationship with. She goes above and beyond to stay on top of bad reviews, customer complaints etc. She, like the rest of us, is navigating a situation she has no experience or training in.

Who am I to make her job harder?

Here’s the thing though…

Masks is not my fight.

It’s not mine, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t yours.

And if it is yours, I’m applauding the stand you’re taking.

We are all called to something.

If you don’t know what that is just ask yourself what makes your blood boil, what subject do you know from the inside out, what thing will you argue about even if you’re normally not an outspoken person. What is the thing that you will stand for or against no matter the cost?

That, my friend, is your calling.

We will be the most effective if we operate in the field God has called us too.

This doesn’t give us a free pass to turn a blind eye to things we don’t want to know or see, nor does it give us the right to say: “I’m gonna ignore that because I’m not called to it.”

It does, however, give us the right to say, that’s not my fight but I will support you while you go to battle.

You see, this is where the problem starts. Neither side, here, is understanding of the other person’s perspective.

Instead of supporting each other we roll our eyes and mutter: ‘Seriously, your perspective is messed up!’

How can we be so sure tho? Who are we to say that God should speak to everyone the way he speaks to me? Maybe they heard from God just as clearly as we did.

You see, God sees the whole picture but we only see the part he gave us to play.

On the other hand… we don’t seem to understand that not everyone is as passionate or called to the same thing we are. Instead we bulldoze them with our opinions and if they’re still not convinced we question their morals and intelligence. (🙋🏼‍♀️Guilty but working on it.)🙈

Guys. We’ve got to figure out how to stand up for what we believe in without making it personal. We’ve got to start taking steps to change the law of the land (literally) instead of attacking the little people (who have no control over said issue) just because they don’t agree with us.

Side note: the democrats didn’t get to the place of power that they have right now by sitting on the sidelines talking about their problems. They took action. Think about that. We live in the same country. We have the same laws. The difference is they utilized  the power they did have and managed to expand it from there. Are we going to do the same?

Here’s some perspective…

Now these are the gifts Christ gave to the church: the apostles, the prophets, the evangelists, and the pastors and teachers. Ephesians 4:11

He gave to the church…

• apostles

• prophets

• evangelists

• pastors

• teachers

When it comes to a situation like Covid-19 each one of those listed above will respond differently.

The apostle will see an opportunity. He’ll ask: “How can we use this to farther God’s kingdom, to bring Heaven to earth?

The Prophet will ask: “What does God have to say through all this? What is his plan?”

The Evangelist will notice the hopelessness of the unsaved and his question will be: “How can I reach the lost and the hopeless through all this?”

The Pastor will think of the church and ask: “How can I continue to meet the needs of my church through this time?”

The Teacher… the truth is I’m not sure exactly what makes the teacher tick, but I’m pretty sure they have their own views as well.

If you read through that 👆 you will see that it would be easy for the pastor to say that: now is not the time to focus on outsiders or new ideas, but rather we must focus on leading the congregation through this time.

The evangelist could argue that the churchgoers already know Jesus and have hope but the lost have nothing so we must reach them!

While The Prophet might say: Hold up, we gotta hear from God!

And the apostle might be proclaiming: Guys we cannot miss this opportunity!

If you think about it… None of those are wrong and if they all work together, every angle will be covered.

However, if they all think they’re the only ones that have the correct answer they will have nothing but complete chaos.

I believe that we are in that exact place.

Our job is to fight the fight and do the job that God has given us, while simultaneously supporting the people around us in the task or battles that God has asked them accomplish and fight.

We would do well to recognize that if God has called us to different things, every angle and problem will be covered. However, if we waste our time criticizing our neighbor because they were given a different task then we were, then not only are we hindering the progress of those around us but we are also failing at getting our job done.

Can we offer grace to each other?

God gives it to us freely, even though we are undeserving.

Can we do the same for the people around us? Can we recognize that we are all first timers in navigating this situation and allow each other some room to make mistakes?

P.S. Grace is not a free pass to act like a crazy person tho.🤨🙃



Google Doesn’t know Politics

If google doesn’t know, then we’ve got a problem.

And I’m here to tell you that google doesn’t understand politics. (I’m thinking it mighta caught Covid)

Translation: We’ve got a problem.

Guys. The American people know so little about our government system that you can’t even find sensible information about it on google.

This. Is. A. Problem.

Because if google doesn’t know, then how am I supposed to learn?!😳🤷‍♀️

Google knows that there’s a difference between bills and resolutions but it does not seem to know exactly what that difference is.

Google also doesn’t seem to know if the steps to  pass a resolution are the same or different as those needed to pass a bill.

Google doesn’t seem to know how they determine if a bill goes to the governor or to the president.

Google doesn’t seem to know which bills or resolutions pass by majority vote and which ones need at least two thirds of the votes before they pass.

Right now they’re working on passing a resolution that would override Wolf’s ‘State of Emergency’ order. If I understand it correctly, if this gets passed, PA would be fully open within 2 days.

The problem is… I’m not sure if I understand everything correctly and google is not helping me!

It doesn’t know how many steps this thing has to pass before it becomes a legitimate thing.

It doesn’t know if it passes by majority vote or if it needs two thirds of the votes.

It doesn’t know if it’s active as soon as it passes the house and senate or if it needs to be signed off on by some higher up person and if it does… google is even more clueless as to who that higher up person might be.

It is every bit as confused as I am as to why this resolution was introduced to ‘some committee with a long name’ at the beginning of April already but it took a whole month for this committee to finally vote on it. (It passed, now it was sent to PA house and they’re gonna vote on it but google doesn’t know when.)🤦‍♀️

Google doesn’t even know if Wolf has a chance to veto this or if it will go over his head.


So basically I have no clue either. (Might be the hardest thing I ever admitted too.)

To say I’m disappointed is an understatement because google has never before let me down.

In case you’re wondering this thing is called ‘House Resolution 836’ 

Google It.

That way me, you and google can be confused together.

Taking Advantage of the Little Guy

Neither Kenz nor Kyna like bugs, so if there’s a bug in their room they have a meltdown till someone removes it.

Eventually I got tired of the drama and told them they have 2 choices: keep the bug in their room or figure out how to get it out.

Well, they found a removal solution.


He doesn’t need a tissue, a dustpan or anything. He simply picks it up with his bare fingers (dead or alive) and takes it to the trash.

This was all working out fine till he discovered that forgetting about the trash can and taking the bug back to wherever they are playing is much more entertaining!

Kenzie let’s out a loud yelp, “Myles! Take it to the trash right now!”

Kyna joins the frenzy, “No Myles! No Myles! No Myles!”

There is hollering, there is jumping, there is running. I can’t see them but it sounds quite entertaining.

I hear Myles giggling throughout the entire spiel before he finally runs out the hallway with a big grin and drops the bug in the trash.



Internet Info: How to Know What to Believe

I love google.

I have no idea how the generations before us even learned new things. I mean sure, they had dictionaries and encyclopedias, but those only gave them a paragraph or a couple pages of info, while our generation has unlimited access to all the information we could possibly want.

The problem is, their sources of info were much more accurate then ours.

There is so much information online that we  can very easily find tons of articles to back up our theories.

However, even if you make a great case for or against something it isn’t hard at all for me to do a simple internet search and create a very convincing, opposing argument.

My point is?

Somewhere in the middle of all the noise, the truth can usually be found.

Here’s my guide to navigating the internet:

1. Listen to Your Gut. We all have that internal intuition that tells us if something is true, false, genuine, fake etc… but you know what we tend do about it? We tend to ignore it. I think we should pay more attention to it though and when our gut says: ‘Whoa hang on a second, something feels off here!’ We should be asking the Holy Spirit why he’s giving us that uneasy feeling. He doesn’t always answer immediately but over time he will bring to light the darkness that was hidden underneath.

2. It’s False until it’s proven to be true. You know how lawyers say: ‘innocent till proven guilty?’ We’re going with that idea except switched around since the internet is most often guilty.😆

Basically, just take everything you read or watch with a grain of salt. If you know nothing about the person behind the post then you have no idea what they stand for and no reason to believe what they are promoting.

3. Don’t Rely on One Source. I know some people like to find sources they trust and then they simply follow them. This isn’t exactly bad, but it’s been my experience that no one person gets it 100% right every single time.

I would say if you read a hundred different articles and pick out the points they all agree on, you have a much more accurate view of the big picture then you do if you simply trust one article in its entirety.

4. Process fully before acting. If we have a theory, it’s extremely easy to gather information to support that theory. I guess the question here is: ‘Do we want to prove ourselves right, or do we want the truth?’

The best way to find the truth is to put the info we have on the back shelf then watch as more info, different angles, thoughts or opinions come to light. Then we can reevaluate everything we think we know and decide it it lines up with all the new info we’ve gathered.

Give yourself a week or so to process new information. At the very least sleep on it. And never take anything at face value if your gut says something is off.

5. Follow people you trust. This one almost contradicts number 3 but stick with me here, it’s different, I promise.

Don’t follow just one person but find a variety of people who might have differing opinions. (just make sure they have the correct theology on the gospel tho.) You see, hearing different opinions helps keep us on that middle ground instead of ending up in the ditches of extreme on either side of this middle ground.

Also, if you follow people you trust, you can tune in to what they are saying about the article, video or situation you’re trying to navigate.

6. Extremes are rarely accurate. We’re going for the middle ground here, right? We’re looking for the truth, yea?

I’m not entirely sure how to say this in a way that will actually make sense so I’ll use an analogy instead.

Life is a lot like an action movie. We’ve got the bad guys and we’ve got the good guys. (This analogy holds up in the physical and spiritual realms. Mostly.)

The bad guys are bent on destruction while the good guys are trying to stay one step ahead of their evil schemes. I think most people can agree that this is the case.

But then we’ve got the extremists who say this isn’t a simple action movie, this is a full blown horror movie. I don’t doubt that there is some truly horrific things that happen in the world but I also don’t think that every single thing has a deep, dark, demonic agenda behind it. (Like the peace symbol, Starbucks logo and I’ll even mention 2020 Super Bowl) These things might not be good, but neither do I believe that they are intentionally trying to bewitch me.)

And then there’s the extremists who say this isn’t an crazy action movie, this is simply a sweet hallmark movie. You know, the theory that continues to cling to the idea that the government has no hidden agenda but is simply looking out for our best interests. It’s pretty hard at this point to ignore the facts that say this isn’t true but according to FB some people are still desperately clinging to this theory.

My point being: extreme theories in either direction are rarely accurate.

7. Note the tone (or the spirit) behind the video or article. 

Here’s an example of what I mean: The video ‘Plandemic’ rubbed me the wrong way but it took about a week before I figured out why.

Here’s why… The lady in this video carried a ‘victim mentality.’ Her story was about how she was mistreated and why Fauchi is wrong. Sure she made it sound like her goal is to bring the truth to light, but the vibe of the video said her voice had been silenced and she was going to be heard in any way possible. It also said quite clearly that she has a bone to pick with Fauchi.

All this doesn’t necessarily mean that she was fabricating stories, but it does mean that she was emotionally involved and her opinion was biased which makes her an unreliable source of accurate information.

Again, if your gut warns you about something, there’s usually a reason behind it.

(Disclaimer: That is my opinion on Plandemic, y’all might have totally different vibes from it… so follow your gut not mine.)🙂

8. Don’t follow someone that has a track record of being wrong. If someone gets it wrong repeatedly, how do we know if anything they say is true? In my opinion these sites or people are wasting your time.

9. One article or site that has an opinion that no one else shares is rarely correct.

If you can only find one site, video or article on a theory, it’s probably inaccurate information since it has no one or nothing to back it up. The truth is usually hidden within the lie, but rarely does it stand alone in plain sight. Darkness wants to hide the light, not just push it in a corner where it’s still easily seen.

10. The internet has policies so removing a video doesn’t mean they’re hiding something. Last but not least. The internet (YouTube specifically) has policies and guidelines. They might not do the best job of censoring everything and their opinions on what’s bad and what’s not might be different then ours but the bottom line is this: Plandemic broke more then one of their policies.

Also if you upload porn to YouTube they will remove it.

My point being: Just because a video is removed doesn’t mean it’s good, true or accurate. It might be accurate but it might also not be.

So, there you have my internet censoring opinions. There is more I could add and probably a lot that can be taken the wrong way, so with that in mind, let me just say this:

If we really want the truth and if we allow the Holy Spirit to guide us, it is possible to find useful information online.

However, it is easier to to follow random bunny trails and end up with tons of useless or inaccurate information if we don’t carefully censor it all.

Disclaimer: This blog post isn’t meant to be strictly about Plandemic or the covid 19 situation, it’s about censoring internet (or even real life) information as a whole. It is however easiest to use current situations as analogy’s.


Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding. Proverbs 3:5


It says to trust God with our heart not our mind.

Our hearts hold our deepest feelings and beliefs. These are the things that we know fully, completely and for sure.

It doesn’t matter what the world or the people around us are trying to make us believe or what they want to convince of us… if we know it in our hearts, nothing and no one will change our minds.

Our minds know basic knowledge, this is where we store all the things we learn, wether we believe it or know them to be true or not.

Trust God with all your heart, not your mind.

Lean not on your own understanding.

In my own journey with God I’ve learned that he is working even when it doesn’t make sense or look like he is.

God’s ways and thoughts are much higher then my human intellect.

So, if I spin it till it makes sense to me, I’ve probably got it wrong. However, if I sit back and admit: ‘I’ve no idea what you’re doing here God, but I’m trusting that you have a plan’ it gives him room to work and to move me in the direction he wants me to go.

I’m reading ‘Destined to Win’ by Kris Vallotton and he said something along these lines although I did reword it and put my own spin on it.



Motherhood: spending your days hearing shouts of ‘mom watch this!’ Then realizing the stunt was already done but you’re still waiting for that earth shattering act. Oh. That little hop. That was the show.


Motherhood: staying up late in a desperate attempt to claim some alone time then wondering the next morning why you didn’t choose to sleep instead.


Motherhood: changing diapers, cleaning up spills, settling spats and making up answers to bizarre questions instead of drinking your coffee hot.


Motherhood: wondering if you always hid a crazy person inside or if your kids have magic abilities to turn you into something you aren’t.


Motherhood: realizing for the first time how incredibly selfish you are.


Motherhood: cleaning up the house from top to bottom, turning around to admire your clean house and wondering if a tornado passed through while you were preoccupied with getting that last room in order.


Motherhood: spending an hour cooking a healthy, delicious meal (in your mind) only to have all thoughts of success evaporate the second your children eye their plates with looks of sheer horror.


Motherhood: watching that accomplished feeling evaporate quickly when you realize that success in one area means you let the ball drop in another area.


Motherhood: making a career in the 9-5 world look relaxing as you become a chef, a personal assistant, an Uber driver, a housekeeper, housecleaner, teacher, accountant, nurse, nanny… without any breaks, overtime or even a paycheck. Oh, and did I mention that you also get the privilege of working both the night and day shift?


Motherhood: the greatest gift ever gifted to women.


Motherhood: having the privilege of seeing life through the wonder filled eyes of a child.


Motherhood: experiencing the joy of new life, sweet squishy babies, first smiles, first steps…


Motherhood: understanding, for maybe the first time, what true unconditional love looks like.


Motherhood: bringing out the worst and the best of yourself.


Motherhood: an opportunity to raise Jesus loving, world changers.


Motherhood: an investment with a return bigger then you ever imagined.


Motherhood: creating a safe space for emotions, evolving opinions, dreams, creativity and more.


Motherhood: you really had no idea what exactly you were signing up for.


Motherhood: possibly the biggest sacrifice, but also the best decision you’ll ever make.


Happy Mother’s Day!


Conspiracy Theories: Facts Or Fiction

If there’s one thing that life has taught me well, it’s this: There is always two sides to every story, and we have no right to form an opinion on something unless we’ve heard every side.

And this…

Few things are actually what they seem to be.

If you dig a little deeper, if you read between the lines and if you search for the truth it is always there but it is rarely found on the surface.

That’s probably why I haven’t, from the very beginning, believed in this virus.

I’m a subscriber to which is a website that features modern day prophets.

But just like every other website, you’re setting yourself up to be let down if you believe everything you read. However if you follow it consistently you’ll find the bits and pieces that repeat themselves and you find a faint outline of the whole picture.

I just reread that last paragraph and I really have no idea if it made any sense?🤷‍♀️😳

Until this pandemic started, I didn’t follow conspiracy theories other then a random book or article here and there.

I never paid any attention to ‘Q’ pre-pandemic, but I watched bits and pieces of his/her/they’re🤷‍♀️😆 stuff since.

However, every time I watched it I felt like God was warning me to be careful. Of what exactly, I was never sure. If I had to put it into words… I think he was telling me ‘its not the whole story.’

I was fascinated, however, by the fact that what today’s prophets are saying, actually, to a certain degree, lines up with what ‘Q’ is saying.

Just to be clear the connecting lines between the two are very faint.

Here’s a couple things that I’ve learned about true prophecy over the last couple years…

1. It is rarely specific. Kris Vallotton prophesied earlier this year (during the impeachment hoax) that Trump will be President again but the path there will be extremely ugly.

He didn’t give specifics such as a virus, economic shut down, job losses etc. but he did say it was going to be ugly.

2. God rarely gives specific timelines. I’ve never been sure what this verse means: But do not overlook this one fact, beloved, that with the Lord one day is as a thousand years, and a thousand years as one day. Peter 3:8 but I think maybe God is trying to tell us that his timing and our timing is two completely different things. When he says ‘soon’ we hear next week but he meant in a year or two.

3. God rarely gives us the full story. In DTS one speaker said ‘when prophesying it is important to shut up when God stops speaking.’ Another said: ‘it’s easy to tell when God stops talking and the person (the one prophesying) takes over.

Basically, sometimes when God gives us a word for someone it won’t make sense to us because we don’t know their story, but it will make sense to them because they do know the whole story.

The problem is… since it doesn’t make sense to us, our flesh wants to step in and fill in the blanks with our own ideas. This has the potential to end really badly though because we might end up telling a totally different story then God wanted to tell!

What’s all this got to do with conspiracy theorists? 

Like I said the basic outline of what the prophets and conspiracy theorists are saying are somewhat similar.

From the few I’ve watched, I think it’s safe to say that most conspiracy theorists are not Christians. (I could be wrong, I haven’t dug into this very deeply.)

I think the main difference between the two is that the prophet is led by the Holy Spirit and is seeing things from a spiritual perspective.

I think the conspiracy theorist has the same prophetic gift but is not being led by the Holy Spirit, so they end up using their own words and ideas to express what they are seeing and feeling. They are also seeing it from a worldly perspective instead of a spiritual one.

There is so much going on right now that it is really hard to get a full picture of what exactly is happening.

Sometimes it feels fully political and sometimes it feels fully spiritual but I think maybe it’s both. There’s obviously a lot of political battles being waged but I think it might be driven by a really dark, underlying agenda in the spiritual world.

I’m not saying the conspiracy theorist is 100% wrong but from what I’m seeing their theories do not seem to be holding out. They might have their statistics right and they might be bringing certain things to light but I don’t think they have the whole story either.

However, I do think their gut instinct is usually correct.

In the case of this virus, yes I think they’re right. I don’t believe that this is or ever was about a virus, (I could be wrong.) but I also don’t know what exactly it is about. (Nor does the conspiracy theorist seem to)

Like everyone else, I have theories and opinions but I know for sure that we don’t have all the details and I think we would probably freak out if we would know everything that’s going on in within our government.

I’ve concluded that I’m not a fan of conspiracy theories nor do I believe their information to be accurate.

However, a conspiracy theory is just that. A theory.

Believing that this whole charade is about more then just a virus is not just a theory though, it seems instead to be slowly but surely proving that there is somewhere, somehow an underlying agenda.

My point being, you can believe that things aren’t what they seem without being a conspiracy theorist.

Deep corruption within our American systems in everything from government to churches is being exposed.

And I’m hoping that more things will be brought into the light and maybe eventually we will see the whole picture.

However, the darkness exposed is a good thing even if we never fully understand what just happened.

The Spirit Behind Our Words

• Did you know that flattery and praise are pretty much the exact same thing?

Yet, praise leaves you feeling accomplished while flattery gives off a weird vibe.

The difference?

The spirit behind the words.

Praise gives. It is truly excited about another’s accomplishments. It is selfless.

Flattery takes. The motive behind it might vary but the ultimate goal is to meet an unmet need within the one who is speaking. It is selfish.

• Have you ever noticed how one person can quote scripture and it brings peace, correction or whatever it was meant to convey, but a different person can quote the same exact scripture and it feels condemning?

Again the spirit behind the words is the difference.

When God quotes scripture it corrects, guides and leads us. It keeps us on the right path.

When the devil quotes scripture it’s for the gain of the speaker and is rarely beneficial for the person on the receiving end.

• Facebook is a fiery place right now. It’s been awhile since people have pushed their opinions and agendas like they are right now.

A lot of the things that I read, I actually agree with, but for some reason some of it just gives off that weird vibe.

It looks and sounds right but for some reason it feels wrong.

You know?

Then it gets really confusing when you see or hear the same thing from a different person but It feels peaceful and right.

What is the difference?

I think it’s the spirit behind the words.

Right now there is a lot of angry people chanting about the misdeeds of the governors. People are intentionally ‘breaking the rules’ then filming the cops while they argue with them about ‘our rights.’

It doesn’t feel right guys.

The big protest in Harrisburg I supported. It felt right to me for people to step up and take a stand for our freedom.

It was organized. There were PA state reps and senators speaking at one point. The guys that organized it seemed to be thinking rationally and calmly while taking a stand for what they believe in,

The spirit behind the protest seemed to be one of a genuine desire to see PA reopen.

The protest that took place in front of Tom Wolf’s house on the other hand felt messy, it left that weird vibe. (I wasn’t at either of these protests BTW.) It wasn’t organized or well planned and it felt like it was being driven by the spirit of fear or retaliation.

It seemed like a group of people that were more interested in making Wolf pay for overstepping. They seemed to make it personal.

I have found that every once in awhile you run into a person who is cool, calm and collected right in the middle of this pandemic.

These people are extremely few and far in between but if you meet one you will know what I’m talking about because they have a deep inner peace to flows out to the people around them.

They have the ability to take a stand for their rights (AKA breaking Tom Wolf’s rules.) without being rude or demeaning to authority figures.

They rarely spew their opinions all over FB but with a post or two you might know where they stand but no matter what actions they take or words they speak, you can still feel that underlying peace. It feels right. These people can even get fiery in their opinions but that feeling of peace is ever present.

I believe that these are the people who are truly in tune with Holy Spirit and he is the one who is leading their words and actions.

It isn’t up to me to determine who’s right and who’s wrong, but it is up to me to stay away from what feels wrong.

God has given each of us the gift of intuition.

The problem is…

The opinions of others and all the information at our finger tips speaks a lot louder and much more insistently then that small voice of intuition that’s been planted in each of us.

Are we willing to tune out the world and follow the Holy Spirit?

Because that is where true peace and freedom lies.

If we can find and maintain that inner peace then we will have a voice that the world will hear because they are desperate for that genuine peace and stability that is only found in Jesus.

If we are broadcasting our opinions and taking steps to stand up against the government without having this deep inner peace then we are not making a difference.

We are simply adding to the noise.

We are part of the problem that is driving the world insane right now, because they don’t need more information and they certainly don’t need more opinions.

They need the peace of Jesus. They need that firm foundation that is only found in Christ.

Each person is called to different things and what you are called to will play a huge part in how you personally are called to respond to this situation.

I believe in standing up for our rights so I’m definitely not saying we need to stay home, stay safe and stay calm.😜

What I am saying is that we should evaluate the spirit behind our words before we speak.

Are we speaking from a place of fear? Frustration? Anger? Retaliation?

Unless our words are prompted by the Holy Spirit it’s better to stay silent.

Because, now more then ever we should be checking our own hearts and motives because the world does not need more noise, but they are desperate for the peace of Jesus.

This is our season to be ambassadors for Heaven but the devil would love for us to focus on our own wants, needs and rights instead.