Why Do We Buy Toys?

Its January 2nd.

Less then two weeks ago, we started a slow but almost complete overhaul on our play room.

Before the Christmas gifts started rolling in, I went through all the toys and got rid of everything except the favorites: Matchbox cars and tracks and Kenzie’s doll stuff. Everything else left.

Now they have a toy room full of brand new toys…

However, these toys are currently lonely and unemployed while the kids have been entertained for the last hour or more with grocery bags.

Yup, grocery bags.

Yup, they were free.

I’ve always been fascinated with how a kid’s imagination takes over when you give them things to play with that have no specific shape or purpose. But when you give them toys that only do one thing, they get tired of them rather quickly.

And there you have it. A peek at the thoughts rambling through my mind.

I’m wondering what would happen if I got rid of all our toys?😳🤷‍♀️😅


Being A Christian Does Not Equal Passivity.

What if I told you…

That I walked into church this morning and felt suddenly angry at how cold the church has become. As I compared what we call church compared to the church in Acts, I felt this anger rise up inside of me and I declared “We can do better then this! We have turned God’s house into a market place for selling our multi-level marketing products, we have turned it into a fashion show, we have turned into something, anything but a place of prayer and worship to the one true God.”

Many people would probably tell me that a true Christian would never raise their voice but would rather submit calmly and lovingly to the church.

Jesus wasn’t calm and he sure didn’t seem loving when he defended the temple (God’s house) in the Bible.

John 2:15 New International Version (NIV)

15 So he made a whip out of cords, and drove all from the temple courts, both sheep and cattle; he scattered the coins of the money changers and overturned their tables.

What if I told you…

That a year ago I wrote songs declaring that I am the king of the world, but now I’ve had a change of heart and am writing songs declaring ‘Jesus is King!’

“False prophet.” Many would declare. “There’s no way someone can change like that, there’s definitely a catch somewhere!”

The Apostle Paul did. He went from killing Christians to becoming one and he ended up writing a large portion of the Bible.

What if I told you…

That today someone tried to get me to engage in gossiping, it was minor gossip, nothing to vicious. Yet I saw clearly the web of lies that the devil was trying to spin, I saw the relationships that he wanted to destroy, so I turned to the gossiper and said, “I will not fall for your tricks satan!”

“A true Christian would never be so unloving!” The critics yell. “Jesus treated everyone so well! Even the woman caught in adultery!”

His response to Peter in Matthew 16:23 would definitely discredit his Christianity in today’s church:

23 But he turned, and said unto Peter, Get thee behind me, Satan: thou art an offence unto me: for thou savourest not the things that be of God, but those that be of men.

I have not yet mentioned how he responded to the Pharisees…

13-14 You Pharisees and teachers of the Law of Moses are in for trouble! You’re nothing but show-offs. You lock people out of the kingdom of heaven. You won’t go in yourselves, and you keep others from going in.[b]

I’m fairly certain that in today’s circles Jesus would be told “Judge not!” Or “Nobody’s perfect!”

The truth is I have no plans on doing any of the above mentioned things, (also they are simply illustrations and not my actual thoughts or actions, just to be clear.)🙃 and I am well aware that we cannot see the hearts of men as Jesus could but still… we are called to live like him:

1 John 2:6 New International Version (NIV)

Whoever claims to live in him must live as Jesus did.

I am also aware that a deeper study could probably be done on these verses an I could probably be told that I used them out of context.

None of that is really the point though…

The point is:

If we study the life of Jesus, he didn’t live a passive life, he was loving, yes, but he wasn’t passive. He wasn’t a pushover.

The church today wants to be comfortable, we don’t want the confrontation, the ugly or the messy. We want nice, and comfortable with good coffee. (No worries, I love coffee.) 😎 We want to be placated, we want to told we’re doing well without repenting, without dying to self.

And I wonder: if Jesus walked into our church and started casting out demons, prophesying and healing the sick, would we recognize him or would we proclaim him to be too radical? Would we proclaim that what he is doing is the devils work?

Because when evil and good collide it isn’t peaceful. It isn’t pretty. It is a spiritual battle that often manifests into our physical world.

I believe that God wants to turn his church back into an ‘Acts kind of church’ and I believe that most of the opposition to this move is coming not from the world but from the people inside the church who want to be comfortable.

Because to the lost Jesus offers hope, peace and freedom in ways they have never before experienced.

To the church he is a threat to our systems, our beliefs and our perfect facades that hide our brokenness.

I love our church guys, and I know there’s many good churches out there. I am not church bashing here. I am simply saying that we have drifted far from the passion that the early church carried and I believe that God wants to bring it back.

Will we stand in his way, or are we willing to let go of our ideas, our rules and our systems and fully, completely surrender to what he wants to do?


Raising A Professional Negotiator

“Kyna, do you want chocolate chips or a candy brick?” I asked. It’s a thing around here: for quiet time they always get about 10 chocolate chips but occasionally there’s other sweet things around, which is why he gets too choose today.

”Yes!” He says. “Chocolate chips and a brick!”

Me: 🤦‍♀️

“Kyna, you need to choose one.”

”Ok.” He says. “I’ll take grape juice.”

🙄 I can hear the grin on his voice but still…🤦‍♀️

Someday… maybe he’ll be able to convince the government of some closed country that bringing in Bibles should be allowed.

Maybe, he’ll have the grit and determination to be avidly involved in tearing down regional strongholds.

Someday… he will go places with his determination to color outside the lines.

Someday… his refusal to conform to man’s standards will take him to greater heights then the average person will go.


But right now…

I might just pull a few hairs out. 🤨

Unless, I keep my eyes on that someday and recognize that this personality type is the very one that will leave the biggest impact on the world.

Because it will not be swayed, it will not be stopped. Opposition is its fuel rather then its deterrent.

Our job as his parents isn’t to force him to conform but rather to teach him how to use and control this strength/weakness for the greater good.

As for me… I’m learning how to be his unmovable brick wall while also allowing him to forge a few tunnels through this brick wall.🤨

It’s a hard balance to find😎

Lemongrass Spa

Beware… this is not the kind of blog I normally write.

There. You’ve been warned. Proceed with caution. It might cost you. Literally.😆

It’s a long story but here’s the short version…

4+ years ago I was pregnant and had gestational diabetes. The doctors said: some woman just get it, everyone’s body is different. Nothing u can do about it.


There is ALWAYS a solution. I am convinced. So I researched. And I found solutions. And I had another pregnancy that was gestational diabetes free which they say is highly unlikely if you’ve had it before.

I think someone should introduce doctors to google😎

Through all this research, I learned a lot about what happens to our bodies if we eat sugar, processed foods and use chemical laden body care products. And that’s just the start.

So, I’ve slowly been switching over to all natural products, but that gets pretty expensive!🤨

Which is why I signed up to be a Lemongrass Spa consultant and why I’m writing this blog.

(Whew, finally she gets to the point!)👏👏

Lemongrass sets some starting goals for you and if you reach them, there’s rewards for not only me but also for Rhoda, who I signed up under, so let’s help Rhoda out! Ha, see what I did there?😎

My first goal is to reach $500 in sales by November 30th.

This is where I need your help…

• If you place an order of $25 or more with me by November 30th, you will automatically get a small prize!

• If we get 1/2 way there… $250 in sales. I will turn this into a mystery hostess deal and someone will be the lucky winner!

• If you wish to place an order u can text or call me at 717-490-0493

Thank you for your support!

Band-aids Fix Everything


Mom, my toe hurts really bad! Can I have a band-aid?

That was Kyna.

Me: “Is it bleeding?”

“No, but it really hurts!”

”Ok, but ONLY one.” I said.

A couple seconds later he’s back with a band-aid, and is asking me to help him.

I open it and am ready to put it on his foot… but he is busy… searching for his ouchie.🤨

He pulls each one of his toes out, this missing ouchie is between two toes but we aren’t sure which ones any more.🤦‍♀️

Well it mustn’t be too bad if he can’t even find it. I’m thinking.

And then…

He starts searching on the other foot.🤔

This ouchie is very mysteriously elusive😅

I’m getting tired of standing here waiting while he searches so I exclaim: “OH! There it is!”

Kyna: “Where?”

“Right there!” I said as I quickly stuck the band-aid on a random spot on his foot before he had a chance to determine if I really did find this elusive ouchie.

”Oh yea.” He said as he patted the band-aid, then went on his merry way.

What can I say? 🤷‍♀️ I’m a mom, I excel at finding missing things!😂

A Day In The Life Of Myles

As told by Myles: age 1 year and 10 months.

This morning I crawled out of bed at 6:15. I made my way noisily down the stairs, sent the door crashing into the wall, jumped off the last step with a shout of glee, then turned around and slammed the door shut so hard that it bounced open again.

Oh, well no big deal, obviously I just need to slam it a little harder!

The second slam, however, is stopped short by mom’s hand and she closes it gently while whispering rather loudly “shhhhhh!!! Gently!!!!!”

You see, she thinks kids should stay in bed till at least 7, so her goal is to not wake anyone else.

Crazy, right?! I mean there is things to do, people to see and messes to make. We waste way to much time on this sleep thing, I’m convinced.

I’m up. Now… on to breakfast. I open the fridge door and start removing things till I find the yogurt. For some reason someone stowed it way in the back.🙄 I’m almost to it tho when mom intervenes again and she’s saying something about playing with toys till everyone else gets up then we’ll all eat together.

Oh well, there is plenty of things to explore around here. I’ll start in the bathroom. I have mastered the skill of crawling up onto the toilet then I can lean/balance against the edge of the sink and turn the water on. At this point anything is game for a good washing, all it takes is a whole lotta soap and a bit of water. Mom doesn’t approve of most of the things I choose to wash but she makes the biggest scene when I wash things with batteries in them. She says those toys shouldn’t get wet.

Who knew?🤷‍♀️

Toilets are fun too. There’s water in them which is also good for washing things. Oh and they flush. Have you ever taken the time to watch the water do it’s crazy, swishy thing? You should try it sometime. You know, enjoy the small things.

I mostly avoid the toilets tho. Mom makes a big deal out of me playing in the sink but when she catches me in the toilet… well… I usually end up sitting in the stroller for awhile while she over uses words such as yuck! And gross! She says toilet water is dirty.

Who knew?🤷‍♀️

I guess sink water isn’t dirty?


She couldn’t find her phone one day and guess what she did when Kyna  told her that I had it? She checked all the toilets.

Really mom?

Even I know that phones are meant for videos and not to wash in toilets. And in case you’re wondering: I accidentally left her phone in the basement.

I’m famished and in serious need of food by the time mom finally says, “Hey guys come eat!” There’s a plate waiting for me at the table so I waste no time in getting there, halfway there tho I remember that I need a spoon (cuz mom always forgets) so I make a quick detour to the spoon drawer, then finally I’m settled into my booster and ready to dig into my…

EGGS!!😫 my extreme hunger is suddenly gone.

I shove my plate across the table at an incredible rate of speed because we all know that yogurt is the only acceptable breakfast food.

Mom gets my plate sets it in front of me and says No! I get it, shoving plates is even less tolerable the not getting yogurt for breakfast. I pout for 5 min then realize that if I’m eating eggs I’ll need a fork not a spoon so I climb down and switch out my utensils. I eat my eggs in record time then take my plate to mom and ask for more.

You know what she does? She sets a plate of yogurt on the table.

And I thought yogurt was off the menu this morning. Oh well I guess I have to retrieve that spoon I put back.

After we got back from dropping Kenz off at school, Kyna and I stayed in the garage to play. I crawled onto the roof of the SUV. Why? You might ask. Because the windshield makes an incredible sliding board!

My fun is cut short tho, when Kyna hollers, “ Mom! Myles is on the car!”

Seriously?! There is so many things wrong with this picture. It seems Kyna has some kind of ‘keep Myles off the car pact’ with mom, which is weird since he’s the one who taught me to do it!🤨

I manage to quickly slide down the hood onto the floor and look mostly innocent by the time mom appears. Seems she isn’t fooled easily though because she says: Myles. Stay down or house. Translation: if I get on the car again I will be banned to the house and all garage fun will come to an abrupt halt.

Got it. Car sliding = more trouble then worth.

Kyna and I eventually head inside to find better things to do. I picked up a match box car and hurled it threw the air. Because, you know, balls aren’t the only things that are throwable. Problem is, the car hit mom. She looked a bit irritated and buckled me into my stroller. She does that when I do things I shouldn’t. Sure I can’t throw things while I’m sitting in here but she doesn’t seem to know that as soon as I’m out I can do it again.

I’m out! Can anyone say FREEDOM!!

Now to prove my point… I pick up the closest toy and threw it. Yup, I hit mom again. Yup, I’m back in the stroller.

It’s about an hour later and I’m sitting in the stroller again for the 5th time… or is it the 6th? Honestly, I’m losing track, all I know is I’m getting awfully tired of sitting in here and I starting to rethink the whole throwing things idea. I’m starting to think it’s not worth it.

I’m out! And I will not be throwing things. Nope, not worth it. I’ll gonna explore the bathroom instead.

My plans are cut short, however, when mom sees where I’m headed and says: “Myles, stroller?”

Seriously?! I let my shoulders sag, stomp my foot and sigh audibly as I change directions and head for the play room.

Like I said: Sitting in that stroller gets old pretty fast. Who invented those things anyway?

And then it’s nap time.

Worst. Part. Of. The. Day.

Mom put me in my crib and went downstairs.

Does she really think I’m going to stay in here? 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

I head to the bathroom, crawl up on the toilet then shove the basket of washcloths on the floor. I get back down and put all those wash clothes in the toilet. Next I open the drawer and explore it’s contents. There’s a couple things in there that should be in the toilet, so I take care of that.

I hear the door at the bottom of the steps open so I race to my crib, giggling the whole way. I quickly crawl up the side and dive head first onto the mattress. By the time mom gets there, I’m snuggled up on my pillow with a big grin.

Yea, I’m pretty sure she has no idea I ever left my crib.🤫

Now if I can look innocent enough she’ll leave again, then I can go explore that second drawer.

Unfortunately she tucks me in again and lays on the bed.

🤔 maybe she wasn’t fooled after all cuz she only does that when she sees a need to make sure I stay in bed.

Oh, well guess I might as well sleep then cuz trust me there’s no breaking out of cribs when she’s around.

Yup, just tried it and she mentioned that dreadful stroller. I’ll take the crib any day so sleep it is!

Good Night guys!

P.S. If you want to try car sliding or toilet splashing stop by anytime, I would be honored to teach you how!


Things Change When You Think Backwards

Did you ever Wonder why God likes doing things backwards?

He tends to use a boomerang affect to get what he wants rather then a direct approach.

• For starters… rather then saying things outright, he used parables. I’ve got a vague understanding of this but I’m still trying to fully understand why he did this. I’ll blog about it once I figure it out.🙃

• He tells us that the key to reaping abundantly is to give abundantly. This does not make sense by human standards, because if u take things away it does not add up! (Pun intended)😆 That’s not how my math teacher taught it anyway.🙃

2 Corinthians 9:6-8

Remember this: Whoever sows sparingly will also reap sparingly, and whoever sows generously will also reap generously. Each of you should give what you have decided in your heart to give, not reluctantly or under compulsion, for God loves a cheerful giver.

• Then there’s this verse…

16 So the last shall be first, and the first last: for many be called, but few chosen. Matthew 20:16

Again, it goes against the ways of the world… rather then striving for the top, we get there instead by simply abiding in Christ and dying to self.

• Jesus left his mark on earth by serving. He was leader who led by serving.

For even the Son of Man came not to be served but to serve, and to give his life as a ransom for many.” Mark 10:45

He is the leader who gives choices, rather then orders. Again, it’s rather backwards from the standards of the world.

But here’s my revelation…

Do you ever know something in your head but you don’t feel it in your heart?

That’s where I was with this subject and just recently as I prayed into it, I had this epiphany that took my head knowledge and made it heart knowledge.

I realized that I was easily swayed by the opinion of man so obviously I’m not very secure in my identity in Christ. Right?

But how to overcome it?

I searched the Bible high and low for verses on who God says that I am.

I found many, but none of them changed my perspective.

Until one day, when I had this epiphany.

I realized that to walk fully in my identity as a daughter of the king, I need to understand who he is! Not who I am.

So, I searched the Bible high and low for verses on who God is.

I can’t explain this backward philosophy that God teaches, but I know, for sure, that it works.

When I realize that he is the overcomer, I also realize that I don’t need to fight my own battles because he already won the race.

When I realize that he is the king of Kings, the Lord of Lords, the first and the last, the alpha and the omega, my fortress, my strong tower, my rock, my hiding place, the one who is and was and is to come….

Honestly… I can’t explain it but it changes my entire perspective when I focus on who he is.

My life and my problems seem insignificant compared to his magnificence, his holiness, his power…




You won’t catch us with a dirty living room carpet!

I say that with great pride.

Only because it’s a recent accomplishment tho, and the credit goes to the 3 year old in the house.

The floor in our house gets swept daily, but I couldn’t usually say the same about my living room carpet.

Mostly, because it’s a big hassle to drag out the vacuum, plug it in and then do all that in reverse after vacuuming for only about 30 seconds.

So, you know, I convinced myself that it’s only slightly dirty, or I used the ‘well it’s already Wednesday and I’ll be cleaning on Friday’ line, or the ‘I just cleaned this thing yesterday! Or maybe it was yesterday’s yesterday, maybe even yesterday’s yesterday’s yesterday🤔 either way it feels like I just did it!’

My point being: the carpet was more often then not dirtier then I wanted it to be.

Then one time… Kyna asked if he could vacuum.

That was a no brainer. “Of course you can!” I said, while thinking that even if he only gets half of it clean it will look much better then it did.

It turns out, however, that he is really good at vacuuming carpets. The thing was spotless!

Awesome, I’ll get him to vacuum it sometimes. Good plan, Grace. Why didn’t I think of that?

My enthusiasm was short lived however, when he started asking if he could vacuum it multiple times a day.🤦‍♀️

He would finish it, then ask if he could do it again 20 min later.

This lasted about a week before I concluded that if I wanted my sanity to survive this excessive vacuuming dilemma, I needed a solution.

So I told him that every day when we get back from dropping Kenz off at school, he could vacuum the carpet, but that was the only time he was allowed to do it. Only once a day.

The next day we get home and I hear the vacuum start. My first thought? “Why are they playing with the vacuum?!”

Thankfully, I remembered the rules that I had set in place before I spoke.

Every day since then (over a week now) he has dedicatedly vacuumed the carpet, and he doesn’t ask to do it outside of that.👏

It’s amazing.

My always dirty carpet is now my always clean carpet.

It’s not all smooth sailing though.

He is very interested in testing just how capable this vacuum is by seeing how big pieces it can pick up.

”I got a really big price that time!” He says.

I warned him that the vacuum can break if he drives over something that’s too big to fit.

“I’m being very careful!” He says.

I’m over here hoping that he doesn’t try to pick up something that will get stuck and wreak havoc on my vacuum, but in the meantime I’m really enjoying the clean carpet!🙂

Spiritual Warfare: Are You Equipped For The Battle?

The battles in the spiritual realm are no joke.

They are real and they are more powerful then us mere humans.

I don’t understand it all. Not even close actually, but I know that every time I find spiritual breakthrough it’s immediately followed by enemy attacks. And the bigger the breakthrough, the bigger the attack.

Here’s my stories:

• I met Jesus. The real Jesus, not the legalistic one I’d been taught about.

Then, the two most important people in my life told me my salvation wasn’t real because if it was I wouldn’t be doing ‘this or that.’ (Church rules, basically)

I wavered. My faith was young.

• We sank our life savings into D.T.S. because we wanted to learn the truth of who God is. (The truth. Not the Amish or ex Amish version of him.)

We came home broke and everything that could possibly break down did exactly that. We dumped hundreds into our vehicle and house that summer. And we were broke, remember?

The doubts set in. God, himself sent us to DTS. Why wasn’t he helping us out now?

We wavered. Our faith was still young?

• I got set free from the spirit of rejection and anxiety.

Soon after, I had this incredible urge to rid my life of anything that made me feel even remotely guilty while simultaneously drenching myself with the word of God.

It was the Holy Spirit, I knew. So, I did it. I took it so far as getting rid of social media. I listened to the Bible on audio for hours each day.

The battle that followed my newfound freedom was unlike anything I ever experienced and I hope to never repeat it.

The devil doesn’t play fair and he knows your weaknesses.

He attacked our church. This came in the form of people speaking against our church while a situation going on inside the church made me question everything our church stood for. (My faith in our church and what we stand for has been restored. Strengthened even.)

He attacked our business. A drop in sales, to a credit card machine malfunction that caused us to lose a couple hundred in one day, to someone literally spreading lies about us to our employees made me wonder what on earth was going on?! (All relationships and finances are still intact.)🙂

He attacked our school. When too many kids for 1 class, but not enough for 2 classes enrolled for 1st grade they called 6 families and said our kids won’t be able too come back. Yup, we were one of those families. But it was the malicious words and gossip that got to me and made us want to pack up and move clear across the country. (In the end a solution was found and we were able to send Kenzie back to the same school.)

He attacked my family. It’s personal, but trust me, it was ugly.

I didn’t just waver. I crashed. Hard. I doubted everything I ever stood for. I doubted my faith. My relationship with God. With the things that were said to me, I doubted that I was even a half decent human being. I doubted, y’all. I literally doubted everything.

The only thing I had, that proved to myself that I wasn’t the self absorbed idiot that I had been accused of being was the fact that when God asked me to practice holiness on a higher level then ever before, I had done it. I’m not perfect. I’m not without sin. But in that moment… there was nothing in my life that I thought I maybe shouldn’t be doing… Not even ‘too much social media.’  And that is what I kept going back to every time I battled through the mind games of ‘do I even know God?’

I didn’t just waver. I crashed. I was angry at God. He used that time to point out areas in my life that needed improvement, which is fine really. I don’t mind growing and learning. But why on earth did he have to deliver it in such an ugly, downgrading package?!

I didn’t just waver. I crashed. Was my faith still young?

It’s not. My faith is anything but young. I can give you countless testimonies of how God came through for me since I met him on the Mississippi shores. My faith has maturity. It has weathered enough storms to know who God is.

Then why did I crash?

Because I underestimated the power of the power of the devil.

I now understand that when breaking free from the things holding me back, when learning new things about God, I need to be fully equipped for battle.

I need to fast.

I need to worship.

I need to be fully immersed in the word of God.

And most important of all:

I need to have a daily, deep connection with God.

I already did all that but my biggest revelation after the whole ugly ordeal was that if I want to survive the storms, my pursuit of a relationship with God must be bigger then my pursuit of the things of God.

Both are important, but the things of God are only doable if my relationship with God is fully and firmly established.

I’m currently still over here licking my wounds but what the devil hasn’t yet realized is that I’m also plotting my revenge. I will get back up again and when I do I will be stronger then ever because I have a whole boatload of knowledge that I didn’t have a year ago.

I don’t understand it, but I know that fasting is a tool that the devil is powerless against.

And I know that the closer I walk with God, the less power the devil holds over me.


The Rants Of A Mom

‘Oh, aren’t they just darling! You know this is the best years of your life.’

I have heard some form of that sentence multiple times already, most times it’s as we make our noisy way through a store.

We seem to draw lots of attention, and I like to think that it’s just because we are so quietly adorable and not because grocery store aisles tend to bring out the dancing and singing of a certain 6 year old.

Yup, God didn’t beat around the bush when he decided I should get rid of my dislike for drawing attention to myself.

Here’s the latest quote that’s going around… ‘You only have 18 summers with child.’

Yea, I get it. I probably even needed to hear it. Needed to be reminded that every day with my kids is a treasure not to be taken lightly.

However, mostly I just felt guilty.

I love my kids and most days it feels like time is slipping through my fingers, which is precisely why I don’t need to be reminded that I only have 18 summers.

Now I feel guilty that I don’t enjoy every single minute of parenting and sadly that quote hasn’t had the power to make me suddenly enjoy changing diapers or being the ref to countless squabbles.

Yes, I understand that the point being made, is that I should invest in my kids as much as possible for these 18 summers.

And the pressure just keeps getting heavier.

Theres already tons of pressure on getting the parenting thing right, now I must also accomplish it all in 18 summers.

And here I was, naive enough to think that I would somehow be able to influence the lives of my kids till the day I die.

Oh, and that first quote… it makes me feel like my life is going downhill. Once my kids are all grown and have moved out, the good days will all be behind me and I will live the rest of my life wishing back the days when my kids were small.

I have a really hard time imagining that though because I kinda enjoy each new stage with my kids.

I have not yet looked back and wished my kids were still in diapers, still breastfeeding or still needed my help getting a spoon in their mouth.

In reality I’m usually kinda glad to be done with all of those, though I do enjoy them (mostly)🙃 for a season,

I can’t even say that I miss those first baby smiles, or toddler giggles. Sure, they were fun but it’s just as much fun seeing them learn how to talk or experience school for the first time.

I repeat, I love my kids.

The truth is though, I need my kids to grow up, I need them to become independent, because if there’s one thing I’m sure of, it’s this:

If I have to spend all 70-ish years of their lives caring for them as I do now, I will probably go crazy.

Maybe some day once my kids are grown and have moved out I’ll  get it and wonder why this blog post was even written.

In the meantime, though, I really do enjoy all the people that take the time to notice and love on my kids.

Because I do agree that they are totally adorable. (Even when they’re throwing a fit cuz we missed a sample cart at Costco and mom refused to go back.)🤦‍♀️

I guess if there’s a point to be made here it’s probably that we would all do well by dropping the cliche’ quotes.

I think someone says it and it sounds good so we repeat it and hence it spreads like wildfire.

However, most of them aren’t all that great if we take the time to think through them.

If you don’t believe it just send me a quote, I’ll have no problem pointing out the negative side to it, it’s what I do best.🥴

And that’s why they invented the term ‘pessimist.’

And I shall leave it at that and go enjoy whats left of my 18 summers!

I really hope none were lost while I spent some time behind my screen.😳