God Is Speaking To Our Kids

He is always speaking to our kids, but I think in this season, he is going to use our kids to let his voice be heard.

The question is: Are we listening?

Story 1

Kynaston (age 4) had a dream.

A scary dream.

He rarely comes to our room at night, but he came in and said he wanted to sleep in our room because he had a scary dream.

He got a blanket and slept on the floor.

I believe that God speaks to us through dreams, and nightmares often indicate spiritual warfare.

While dreams are given through physical pictures, I think we need to interpret them as if they’re happening in the spiritual realm.

So, the next day I asked him about his dream.

He said:

Myles, Kenzie and me were playing in the yard and then a wolf came and grabbed us and was swinging us around and around and around!

Me: Oh. I bet that was scary. Then what happened?

Kyna: Well, then we heard sirens and the wolf heard them too and then he quickly ran away, because he knew that the cops and fire trucks were coming to get him.

Me: So, they were coming to protect you, right?

Kyna: Yes.

Me: So, I think Jesus was telling you that he’ll always protect you, even when scary things happen, right?

Kyna: Yes! Because he’s always with me!

Like I said, I believe God speaks through dreams, but sometimes there’s dreams that are so weird that it’s kinda like: well, I have no clue what that meant!😳

Other times, there’s dreams that you just kinda know are significant some how.

This was a significant one but I wasn’t sure why or what a God was trying to say.

Eventually, I came to this conclusion…

The wolf represents Tom Wolf.

We were all just calmly playing in the backyard (living our normal lives) when the wolf (Tom Wolf) came out of nowhere and started swinging us around and around and around. (Kinda what it felt like when he started shutting stuff down left and right, right?)

Then Sirens (the people more powerful then Tom Wolf) were heard in the distance and the wolf ran off because he knew they were coming for him. (Wolf did start moving forward with opening PA back up (slowly but still) the second he heard AG Barr might be going after governors who overstepped, right?)

I was even more fascinated by all of this after I read a couple different stories about God speaking to children about covid-19.

Psalm 8:2 says:

Through the praise of children and infants
    you have established a stronghold against your enemies,
    to silence the foe and the avenger.

I don’t know exactly what God is doing right now but I do believe our kids will be instrumental in this season in bringing heaven to earth.

Story 2

Kynaston randomly announced: If we ask Jesus something, then are very, very quiet, we can hear him talk.

Me: “Yea! We can, but who told you that?” Because, I know I didn’t teach them that although I probably should have.

”Kenzie told me.” He said.

I was fascinated so I asked Kenzie (age 7) about it. I expected her to say she learned it at school or church (which chances are she did) but she didn’t really seem to know where she learned it.

Her answer: “I just know it because I do it sometimes.”

Me: “That’s awesome Kenz, What does God say to you?”

Kenz: “When I prayed about the coronavirus, he said that we weren’t going to get it. And when I prayed that it would go away, he said it going to go away soon.”

I had no words. I think I might have been shocked speechless.

I have this idea that we need to teach our kids everything. And We do need to teach them but the Holy Spirit is walking with us, helping us, and even going over our heads and speaking directly to our children.

I was excited about this because I want my kids to have a real relationship with God rather then just going through the motions because it’s what we are teaching them. I want them to know God intimately right now, while they are still young.

Disclaimer: I’m not trying to make a prophetic statement about the virus or Tom Wolf. The point is simply that God is speaking to our children in this season and I think it’s important that we as adults pay attention to what God is saying through them.

Oh Myles

Myles coughed… a lung clearing, mucus filled cough.

After he was done, he spent the next 30 seconds chewing contentedly.

I thought nothing of his shenanigans until he gleefully announced: “Mmmm, I eat it!”


Covid-19 Speculations Debunked

Covid-19 is pretty much the only thing I blog about these days, but is it any wonder considering that it is influencing every single aspect of our lives?🤨

(I did decide to switch it up a bit and call it Covid-19 instead of Coronavirus.)😎

I am not a doctor.

I am not a scientist.

I am not a politician.

I’m not even a big conspiracy theorist.

So, what am I?

I am a mere person with a hunger for truth. 

I have learned that if you sit back and watch things unfold, if you listen to every angle without forming an opinion… eventually you find consistent, sensible  bits of information that you can piece together and have a mostly accurate picture of what’s going on. (A.K.A. The truth.)

All that to say… what you’re about to read is merely my opinion.😎

Speculation 1. There is no hidden agenda, this is just a deadly virus.

There is so many reasons this doesn’t make sense as being ‘just a virus.’

1. If someone has this virus they send them…

Wait for it…


Not to the doctor, not to the hospital, not to the morgue… they send them home! To recover, not to die. Can you explain to me how a virus that sends you home to bed has the power to forcefully make people stay at home?!

2. The numbers alone tell you that the severity of this virus is equal or even less then the common flu.

A common argument on the lower numbers is this: You can’t look at just the lower number of cases, you have to look at the percentages. (Like maybe 1 in every 200 people dies from the flu, while 1 in every 100 dies from Covid-19.)

Even after considering that, I’m still not convinced this virus is more deadly or more contagious then the common flu because if it was it would be spreading at a much faster rate of speed.

Yes, I know that’s because people are staying home. Except for the fact that they aren’t actually staying home.🤷‍♀️

A lot might be… but many aren’t. There’s enough of people still working that this virus should be spreading rapidly if it’s as bad as they say it is.

3. Wolf’s shut down guidelines alone tell us that this virus isn’t that serious.

Construction… 4-6 men crews who see no one else all day are shut down.

Restaurants are shut down but doing take out or deliveries (AKA as taking Covid-19 from door to door) is allowed.🤷‍♀️

Liquor stores are open.🤷‍♀️🤨

I could go on… let me mention instead the many waivers he handed out…

If this virus is as bad as they say waivers shouldn’t even be an option.

4. Question… do you know even 1 person that had this virus? Most will answer no, but if you answered yes… did their immediate family get it? Again often the answer is no, but if you said yes… did a lot of people they came in contact with get it? The answer is no, and I don’t think I’ve yet heard a yes to that one yet. You’re probably tired of hearing this… but if this virus is as contagious as they say it is, you should clearly see a wide circle of infected people around every single person that was diagnosed with coronavirus.

5. And last but not least… if this virus would be as bad as they say, people would be afraid to go out and would stay home willingly.

Speculation 2. They know the virus is often not fatal but they are afraid of the healthcare systems and workers becoming overwhelmed with covid cases.


They’re sending most people home to recover, remember?!

How does that overload hospitals again?

Just for fun though, let’s say this one is true…

Then why did they continue enforcing more and more drastic measures even as hospital beds sat empty and covid cases didn’t soar to the extremes they predicted?

Sure, I hear you… because if everyone stopped quarantining at once there was still a chance of flooding hospitals.

Why wouldn’t we be opening things back up slowly then, rather then locking things down tighter?

Why are healthcare workers being laid off?

Maybe, because this never had anything to do with hospital overload?🤷‍♀️

Speculation 3. Staying home is why the number of cases is becoming less.

This one is slightly unrelated but I want to put it on record that Wolf is wrong when he says that!👆

1. Look at the numbers across the states… some states with more restrictions have more cases while states or countries even, that did less restricting have less covid cases.

2. Also… people are not staying home. Every week the amount of people shopping at market is higher, there is a lot more traffic each week and yet the number of covid cases is now going down. 🤷‍♀️

Speculation 4. They want people safe at home in case of riots while they take down a worldwide trafficking ring.

This one in my opinion doesn’t hold out because there is very little evidence to back it up.

Some say Trump is in charge of this takedown but I have a hard time believing this because if you follow Trump on FB you will see that he seems confused about certain things at times.

Example, he said Easter would be a good time to open up again then changed it to May 1st, now he wants to open up slowly but some governors are pushing back. Point being, I think Trump would be more confident about the timeline if he was in charge of the trafficking takedown.

I also realize, that this takedown operation could be taking longer then they first thought, but the whole Democrat governors trying to lock us down longer while Trump wants to reopen America works against that theory.

Maybe Trump isn’t directly involved with this operation… Still, it doesn’t make sense that this lockdown and the takedown are connected because the very people running the trafficking hubs are also the ones trying to keep America closed. I don’t see any way that this is beneficial to them but maybe I missed something?🤷‍♀️

The one thing I found that does support this theory is the multiple small trafficking rings that have been brought down lately. I’ve never followed this tho, so I don’t know if there is more being taken down now then usual.

Bottom line… 1 piece of evidence isn’t enough to build a case on, and that evidence only covers smaller rings. I have found nothing yet to support the theory of rings with large operations being brought down.

Although maybe it’s a quiet operation, and I am definitely in favor of this being true.

Speculation 5. This is the government’s way of trying to take down small businesses.

This doesn’t ring true to me because I don’t see what they have to gain from it. I mean this is a really big ordeal just to close businesses, I’d say they have a lot of easier options available if that really is the goal.

Also, I’d say Trump is a business man first and a politician second. If you read his books, he’s all about people helping themselves not about controlling the people.

Speculation 6. The Government is trying to take away our rights, they want to control us.

I don’t believe this to be the case because at this point there’s too much standing in their way.

We do still have an active constitution. (I think)🤨

Our current President has proven that he isn’t a dictator.

The stars simply aren’t aligned enough for them to suddenly take over the country successfully.

I think, if anything they are going to be impressed with how easy it was to pull a couple strings and everyone bowed to their every wish and that is going to make them power hungry and they might try something insane like this again.

Worst case scenario, this is a trial run, so they know what laws and bills need to be put into affect in order to maybe accomplish complete government control some day.

It’s time to be aware of what’s happening in the political world, people. We have some say in who is elected for each position but we won’t have that for long if we continue to ignore it.

Speculation 7. This Virus is man made to ruin the economy which will then ruin Trump’s chances at being re-elected.

This is the one theory that actually makes sense to me.

Under Trumps leadership the Economy has been thriving. He is, after all, a businessman, remember? Most People love a good economy because it feels safe. So, if the democrats want to take back the White House, they have to make sure Trump doesn’t get re-elected. The best way to do this is to ruin one of the few things that both Democrats and Republicans like about him.

I think they have made it very clear by now that they have no value for human life, honest work, our rights and the list goes on…

To me they have more then proven that they wouldn’t hesitate to use manipulation  or deception to get what they want.

Trump is overturning and disputing a lot of the things they have worked hard to put into place, he is a giant roadblock to whatever agenda they have.

So, yea I think they would stoop low enough to create a virus and use the media to cause mass panic which then gives governors a reason to shut down states, which will then crash the economy… and who will get the blame?

President Trump.

Because he’s the president so he’s the likely one to blame.

And then… the democrats have a smooth ride right into the White House.

Except it isn’t going to work, because although they have a foolproof plan, they did forget one tiny detail.

At least in their opinion it’s tiny, but what they don’t realize is that sometimes what looks like a minor detail is actually the very thing that will blow up the entire operation.

They forgot about God.

And, for them that is a problem because I don’t think God is done with America yet.

He has a plan that is superior to any plans with hidden agendas.

I don’t know the outcome of all of this, but I do know that God is still on the throne and he is still in control, no matter how dark it gets.

So, there you have my thoughts on this whole thing, there’s no pressure to agree, we live in a free country after all. (I think)🤔

Make sure you vote this fall (and pray for our country) so we can keep it that way.




Coronavirus: An Opportunity For Small Businesses

I’ve heard it a few times now, something along the lines of: “Small businesses will take a hit and maybe never recover from this pandemic.”

I think this might be true on so many levels… (the part where we might take a hit that is)


I think God wants to use this time to grow and start small businesses.

I believe, we are in a season where God is bringing business and ministry together in a way that the world has not yet seen.

Bethel Church is doing this thing called ‘Heaven in Business.’ Google it if you’re interested.

I love business and we have have a desire to be involved in ministry so this… this is exciting to me.

How many times have you heard people talk about something they’d like to start but it always ends with: ‘I don’t have the time.’

Guys, right now…

You’ve. Got. Time. 

This is the moment we’ve all dreamt of having.

Many of us have said the words: ‘If I could have just a week off to catch up.’ ‘I wish I could add another hour to each day.’ ‘I could sleep for a week.’ And there’s many more…

Right now we’ve got that👆. Well according to FB some of you do, as for the rest of us, it’s actually added to to our schedule.🤦‍♀️

This is an opportunity to start the business that you’ve always wanted to start.

Maybe, it’s even a nudge (or a big shove) from God because we were so comfortable doing the things we aren’t called to, that we were never going to step out, on our own, to do what God is calling us too.

Either way, don’t waste this time, pray about it, then go put that dream of yours into action.

If you already have a small business…

This is still an opportunity. It’s an opportunity to see what your business is capable of.

If you’re in the food business, maybe you can experiment with doing deliveries, or curbside pick up.

Whatever business you’re in, there’s probably something new you can experiment with. And if not you can improve your system, find the flaws, weak spots etc. then fine tune it into a better and more efficient system.

But… how do we stay afloat right now?

That is the question.

For us, we’re taking less people each week. We’re rotating our people, instead of working every week some of them are only working every other wk.

We’re obviously making smaller batches of food, and we’re even cutting back on our variety… we’ll have some things this week but not next week, and next week we’ll have what we didn’t have this week.🤷‍♀️

It might sound bizarre, but it’s working, whatever it takes to keep our expenses down, because I have no clue what to expect from 1 week to the next.

We’re cutting corners wherever we can, but one thing I believe God is saying is this:

Our generosity in this season will determine how well our business bounces back once this pandemic ends.

I think our natural tendency at a time like this is to hang on tightly to what we do have because we don’t even know if we’ll be allowed to go to work next week.

But I believe that God wants us to be generous, to not cling tightly to our material possession, finances, toilet paper😆 or whatever it might be, rather we should share it, give until it hurts. Then we can stand back and watch it multiply because it’s been blessed by God.

Soon after this Pandemic started Anna Kail shared this passage. 👇 It resonated with me and it’s something I keep going back to, it’s a great guide for this moment in time.

Elijah and the Widow at Zarephath

Some time later the brook dried up because there had been no rain in the land. Then the word of the Lord came to him: “Go at once to Zarephath in the region of Sidon and stay there. I have directed a widow there to supply you with food.” 10 So he went to Zarephath. When he came to the town gate, a widow was there gathering sticks. He called to her and asked, “Would you bring me a little water in a jar so I may have a drink?” 11 As she was going to get it, he called, “And bring me, please, a piece of bread.”

12 “As surely as the Lord your God lives,” she replied, “I don’t have any bread—only a handful of flour in a jar and a little olive oil in a jug. I am gathering a few sticks to take home and make a meal for myself and my son, that we may eat it—and die.”

13 Elijah said to her, “Don’t be afraid. Go home and do as you have said. But first make a small loaf of bread for me from what you have and bring it to me, and then make something for yourself and your son.14 For this is what the Lord, the God of Israel, says: ‘The jar of flour will not be used up and the jug of oil will not run dry until the day the Lord sends rain on the land.’” 1 Kings 17:7-16

So, there you have it.

Keep the faith, be generous and your post Covid-19  sales will be unbelievably high…

because they’ll be blessed by God.

Also… go start that business.



Life Before & After The Infamous Coronavirus


This is the day we go shopping for market supplies. This changes so rarely, that we are well known everywhere we go.

They know our order at the coffee shop, they recognize us at The Restaurant Store and the boys are always disappointed if Mike isn’t at the exit at Costco, because he has cool stamps to put on their hands.

Yea, I am a creature of habit… because life flows smoother and less things are forgotten if you create routines and rhythms.

We’ve got a schedule that runs like a well oiled machine.

Tuesdays: (before the coronavirus.)

I get everyone up at 7:00.

Then I make breakfast, pack Kenzie’s lunch, and urge everyone to get dressed.

We keep stepping, we’re not stressed but we don’t have time to stand still.

Then there’s hair to comb, Myles to dress, table to clear. Laundry to start. Shoes. Jackets. Purse. Water bottles. And finally we’re all buckled in and headed out.

I check the clock.

If we’re in the car by 7:50: we’re doing great. 7:55: Good. 8:00: running late. 8:05: we might not be at school on time!😳

(Dirty dishes, crumbs on the floor, clothes that missed the hamper? Yea, that was all left undone.🤫)

We drop Kenzie off at school.

Then we head to creek side for our week’s worth of groceries.

Next stop is the coffee shop, because coffee keeps the stress levels down.🤓 There is always a line. Precious minutes tick by, I consider eliminating this stop, but we keep coming back because coffee is essential right? Not to mention, my boys would be devastated, if they had to miss out on their chocolate milk, it is after all the one thing that makes this trip worthwhile in their opinion.

Then we head to the bank. The bank ladies hand out lollipops.

Next stop is The Restaurant Store. We get there slowly as we rather impatiently follow a car going 35 when the speed limit is 55 (also known as 65🤫)

We pass a cop and quickly check the speedometer, oh right, we’re barely moving.

We finally pick up our order at The Restaurant Store, then head to Costco. At Costco… there is people. A lot of people. It’s a ‘don’t look around or you might have to talk to someone kinda place.’ We stop for a couple samples, but mostly we are on a mission to get out of there in one piece. Occasionally we grab lunch on our way out, then we hold up the line while Mike chats with the boys and stamps smiley faces onto their hands. They love him🙂

Then, finally, we escape.

We get home around 11:30, about 3 1/2 hours later.

Tuesdays: After The Coronavirus arrives.

The kids get up on their own around 7-7:30.

We goof off, then eat breakfast.

We clean up our breakfast mess, get our stuff together and climb into the mini van around 8:45. There’s no schedule that must be kept, since Kenzie isn’t going to school.

First stop is the coffee shop, because we gotta support small businesses right? 🤓 There is no line. We’re in and out in about 5 minutes.

Next stop: Creekside, there’s very few people. We shop in record time and are on our way again.

There is no lollipops being handed out at the bank. The ladies are wearing gloves and wielding sanitizing spray like we’re some kind of scary creatures.🤨

We can actually travel through the 65 zone at 65.👏

If we pass a cop these days my first thought isn’t my speed, I wonder instead if he’s going to think our reason for being out isn’t essential.😳 Oh, right. We have groceries in the back for proof.

We accidentally drive past The Restaurant Store because our routine is so messed up that it’s got my brain malfunctioning.

Oh well, we’ll get that on the way home.

We get to Costco at 9:15 and the parking lot isn’t full at all, which suddenly reminds me that they don’t open till 10:00.


Then I realize that people are walking out with full carts.

Nice! This coronavirus must have changed Costco’s hours.🤷‍♀️

We head inside, but first I give the kids a lecture on not touching anything, because it might have the coronavirus.🤨

Myles coughs as we’re getting a cart. He isn’t sick as far as I know, but I’m suddenly afraid we’ll get kicked out. 😳

I (imagine) people glaring at me for bringing my 3 kids out into all the craziness. I want to ask them, if I should have left them home alone instead? (I think, in reality everyone smiled at us.)🤷‍♀️

There is no samples, there is no take out lunch. There is no overwhelming crowd of people. In fact it’s almost lonely.

We pass Mike on our way out but he simply calls a friendly greeting to the kids from behind his glass screen.

It feels like they think we’re terrorists or something. 🤦‍♀️

Once we’re back in the van, I suddenly realize that most, maybe even all, of the people here are seniors.

Oh, shoot! Does Costco have a senior shopping hour?!

My first thought: I bet they do and I just put all those people at risk.🤦‍♀️

My second thought: Do I look like a senior?😳 After all no one stopped me from going in.😬

I googled it.

Yup. Costco implemented senior hour.🤦‍♀️

I read farther: on Tuesdays and Thursdays.🤦‍♀️

I read farther still: from 8-9 AM.😅

Sigh of relief. I didn’t get here till 9:15. But… that was close.

We stopped at the restaurant store on the way home. While we’re waiting on our order, we struck up a conversation with a distant relative that we met there, because we saw so few people today that we’re not even ‘peopled out’ yet.

🤷‍♀️ Now that is strange.

We arrive back home around 10:30, only about 1 hour and 45 minutes later.

That is record breaker.

Either, the world is a strange place these days, or my well oiled schedule is malfunctioning.

Maybe it’s got a virus🤷‍♀️










A good day to catch up on my stack of books.

I made breakfast for the kids, then sat down with a book and my green smoothie. (It’s homemade and better then thrive or plexus. Cheaper too.)🤓

• I read 1 page.

Then I got up and cleaned up Myles, he had yogurt dripping from his chin and on his clothes. I eyed the table and sink… no it’s a reading kind of day, the mess won’t go anywhere. I sat down.

• I read 4 pages.

I got a text, laughed at some memes, gave my opinion🙈 then looked at FB. Oh yea, I was going to read.

• I read a couple more pages.

”Mom! Want cracker!” That was Myles. I gave him a cracker and 1 for each of his siblings, then sat down again.

• Got a couple more pages read.

“Mom! Want drink!” Myles again… I got him a drink and tried to get back to my reading.

• Read 1/2 a page.

Then discovered Myles is playing with his water… which means he spilled it on the floor and then was jumping in it. 🤷‍♀️ I cleaned that up then sat down again.

• Read a couple pages.

I wad deeply involved in the story when I was suddenly brought back to earth when I was hit by a small tornado. In the aftermath, once the confusion cleared, I realized it was just Myles diving off the end table onto my lap. No injuries to report. Me and the book came out without a scratch.

I gave Myles some attention, then sent him off to play then looked at FB again. It’s highly entertaining these days. Who knew you could make that many songs or memes about… toilet paper.🤨 Right… my book.

• Read a page or 2.

Then refereed a fight.

• Got another page in.

Then found a book for Kenzie, that she couldn’t find.

• Read another couple pages.

The kids got hungry… Didn’t I just feed them?! I got snack for them and decided I should have some coffee with my book, so I took care of that and sat down again.

• Read another page or three.

The kids decided to play in the living room, which means Myles would climb on the chair beside me, then get off and play. (Multiple times) then he got back on, kicked my book out of my hand, giggled and ran off. My chair got run into multiple times as their toys ‘Vroomed’ through the air. ‘Paw patrol is on the case!’ Seems to be the theme of their game. And the noise… the noise levels are deafening!🤦‍♀️

All that to say: I can no longer concentrate on my book.🤨

So, I gave up and I checked FB.😬 And I blogged about my failed reading attempts.

I’m only on page 99 and I started this book 3 days ago. 🧐

Now, I’m going to go clean out a closet or two, because thats a good rainy/quarantine day project as well. And it takes less then half the concentration.👏

Someday, I’ll get to the bottom of my stack of books.

Then again, maybe not since it seems to grow faster then it it diminishes.🤨

How’s your quarantine going?


Laundry Battles

Sometimes, it feels like I do laundry all day, every day and still never catch up.

I’ve wondered if the kids put their clean laundry in the hamper instead of in their drawers?

I’ve wondered if they try different outfits each morning and the rejects get thrown in the laundry cart?

Maybe, they get up in the middle of the night just to change clothes?

Maybe, we just wear a lot of clothes, I did the math… 5 shirts, 10 socks etc a day… yea it really does add up.


I’ve puzzled over my endless laundry dilemma quite a bit, but today my puzzle was solved, when Kyna announced:

“Mom! I wore 4 pairs of underwear at the same time!”

Me: 😳 Well, I guess that solves that.🤦‍♀️

Until, the next night, when he says:

”Oh mom, I don’t need to change my underwear, because I wore 4 yesterday.”

Me: 😳 Maybe, we need some education on the clothes wearing thing?

Then, I realize that if he wears a weeks worth of underwear in one day then wears one pair the rest of the week to make up for it… my mystery of excessive laundry still hasn’t been solved.🤷‍♀️


Myles (age 2) is currently in a nap rebellion phase.

However, if he doesn’t take a nap, he’s a fright to be around by bedtime.

So, we try really hard to get him to sleep, usually we lay on the floor in his room and make sure he stays in his crib.

Well, turns out he found a way to slip past his guard…

He squeezes his eyes shut really tightly, crawls out of the crib and beelines out the door.


Do you think we should tell him that he’s the only one that can’t see?😅😆

More Action Less Words

• It’s been prophesied that the year 2020 will bring 20-20 vision. That is a term eye doctors use to describe perfect vision.

Perfect vision in this time, I believe, means that in the church we will see clearly who relies on the Holy Spirit and who relies on man made systems.

Perfect vision in this time will reveal in individuals, who has truly put their trust in God and who has rather chosen, to rely on themselves, on their own business, their own ability to take care of themselves.

Perfect vision in this time will reveal systems and even individual people within our government system that are pursuing control rather then what’s best for the people.

The current worldwide pandemic is doing exactly this☝️. It is shaking the foundations that we have built, it is revealing the hearts of the people, the strength of the church and the power of the government.

Are we ok with what we see?

Will we accept what is being revealed to us, about ourselves, our churches and our government systems?

Many people have asked us something along the lines of: “Why move to California? It’s one of the most democratic states out there.”

It is my opinion that this question answers itself. “Because, they obviously need republicans!” Ok, that actually has nothing to do with it, but still! We won’t change the world by running from everything that’s problematic!

The thing that has really stood out to me through this pandemic tho, is that fact that while California has put the most restrictions in place, Pennsylvania is not far behind them.

Why is PA, a state with a lot of conservative people who claim to be republican, a democratic state?

May I dare suggest, that the moral decline of America isn’t so much because of the people living in sin, as it is because of a church that has lost its fire?

A church that uses Facebook to vent and rant about injustices of the world, such as: abortion, human trafficking etc. All while simultaneously being unwilling to take action.

Our reasons for not taking action are pretty shallow… physical comfort and fear of what others will think are some of the devils favorite tools in this region.

It is my opinion that the church should be doing less talking and more doing.

• We should be doing less talking about the demonic Super Bowl halftime show, and take steps to put Christians on that stage. It is the worlds largest platform, imagine the impact it could have on the world if we put some Jesus-loving-people up there.

(Also… put some research into it… these woman had a team of people working with them for months before hand in order to maximize the influence of the message they wanted to get out. A message that was (in part) about freeing Latino woman and children. I don’t think it’s a coincident that this is also a message that God has been highlighting at this time.

Is it possible, that God will say what he wants the world to know, by any means available? Is it possible that he used Jennifer Lopez because there was no willing Christians?

• We should be doing less talking about the evilness of abortion and start taking steps to help these girls in need.

Planned parenthood saw a need and they stepped up. Sure, their solutions are pure evil, but the real question is: “Why hasn’t the church stepped up?”

These are woman and girls getting abortions, often not because it’s what they want but because they see no other way. They have zero hope of being able to care for their baby. Some (many?) actually believe they are doing the right thing.

Instead of bashing planned parenthood, shouldn’t we be trying to take their clients instead?

• We Should be doing less talking about Tom Wolf’s crazy reaction to this pandemic and start doing whatever it takes to remove him from his position as PA’s governor. Wether he is or isn’t doing the right thing during this pandemic isn’t really the point. The point is: What he stands for and wants to accomplish is not good things.

As Christians, we should be using less words and taking more action. If we really want to change the world we need to get our people into the government, into Hollywood, into major sports.

Sports, movies, the government: ‘Its not the platforms that are corrupt, it’s the people using them that are corrupt.’

Are we the church, willing to give up our comfortable lives in order to start changing the world?



Revelation of the day: If you’re a thinker, you’ll have the ability to out think almost everyone else. You’ll be able to silence any argument because your over active mind has already covered every angle. Therefore it is imperative that you engage with other deep thinkers, lest you forget that your brain too has limits.

Also, the physical brain is no match for the spiritual realm.

If you want someone to broaden your perspective, find a cookie (it’s a family nickname) they will challenge everything you’ve ever thought to be true.

This is a note to self. If it makes no sense to you, then you probably didn’t need to hear it.🙃