Two Kids, a Dog and Answered prayers


That’s the dog’s name.

Trust me, she has been labeled inaccurately.

Her and I are not friends.

We tolerate each other because of our mutual love for the little people around here.

Her one goal in life is to explore all the areas that aren’t ours, so when she gets out, she takes off and nobody is going to stop her.

This is the reason this blog is being written.

Someone didn’t latch the gate properly and Angel escaped, Myles was the one who discovered she was missing and he was devastated for all of three minutes, which is when he discovered she was down by the pond.

Myles took off down to the pond, with me hollering after him, here take this piece of meat to lure her back!! (This dog has no real training, in case you can’t tell.)

I quickly searched the house for some shoes because times gotta be pretty desperate before you’ll find me running through the woods barefoot.

And a runaway dog does not fit that profile.

With five kids around here my shoes walk off, literally, and I often can’t find them. In this moment, I think I almost had a panic attack in my search for them because my five year old was running through the woods, down to the pond, after a dog that probably wouldn’t stop and honestly I was afraid Myles would chase her into the next state without considering where he’s going.

I found my shoes.

As I headed out the back door, Harmony followed me.

I learned some new swear words when I realized that she wasn’t exactly safe in the house by herself while I chased a dog and a child through the woods but I also wasn’t going to catch up with them if I took her along.

I felt like I had to chose which one of my kids I was going to keep safe.

So, I closed the gate which trapped Harmony on the deck and prayed my heart out that God would cover where I wasn’t able to.

Angel saw myles coming and made a beeline for the shop. Myles was hot on her tail while I tried to keep up with out damaging myself. Myles was unfazed by the whipping weeds and branches but trust me, I noticed every single one.

By the time I got to the shop, uninjured and unscraped, thankfully. Angle had discovered that myles had a piece of meat so he was leading her to me with the piece of meat held high in the air while she followed him, repeatedly jumping to try to get the meat.

They made quite a sight.😂

Thank goodness, I know her weaknesses.

I grabbed Angel by the collar, she’s short so I had to bend over or she had to walk on her back legs so we took turns being miserable. We made our awkward way back to the house with me wondering why on earth I didn’t bring a leash and still praying my heart out that Harmony would be safe and sound where I left her.

Harmony saw us head towards the pond and I was terrified that I would get back to the house and need to walk back down to the pond, this time in search of a two year old.

Hayley was playing in the bedroom when I left and I wasn’t concerned about her because she can entertain herself for a long time when she’s invested in something.

Harmony, on the other hand, will conquer any obstacles to get to where she wants to go. So, while she has never before opened any of the gates, I don’t trust that she won’t figure it out if she really wants to. She can also open the house doors and I was pretty sure one of the gates in the front yard was open.

We finally got back to the house and we found Harmony taking the laundry, one piece at a time, from the pile on the mud room floor, out the door, across the deck and throwing it over the railing to the driveway below.

She had been doing this for quite awhile because she had a fairly big pile down there.

You can call me crazy, but I really believe that God used that pile of dirty laundry to distract her, which kept her safe.

In case anyone is concerned about us, we’re fine. We got the dog back, Myles didn’t get lost in the woods and Harmony stayed in the house.

As for me, I either damaged by heart a little or else cleaned out my arteries with the high amounts of adrenaline and anxiety.

And that my friends is why I will never recommend that you buy a dog.😁

(Posting this unedited, so excuse the many typos)😅