When God Answers Prayers

If there is one thing life taught me, it’s that things are rarely as they seem. We form opinions on the lives of others, without taking the time to understand their culture or unique circumstances.

With this knowledge in hand, I asked God to broaden my worldview.

God: Ok, first, we’re going to move you to California.

Me: Ok, that makes sense.

God: Then, let’s move your in-laws to Turkey.

Me: Ok, I think I’m getting the idea here.

God: Next, we’ll take the people you got to know in California and we’ll move them to New York, Texas, and Idaho.

Me: okkkk… I don’t know, though, are you sure this is the best plan??

God: Yes!! Oh!! And we’re also going to introduce you to an amazing couple who you’re going to love BUT they actually live in Haiti. Oh, and when they’re stateside they live in Florida.

Me: Really?! Honestly, this isn’t how I pictured it at all.😩

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