What If Revival Looks Differently Then We Expect

America’s conservative people are suddenly shocked at the moral decay we see all over our country right now.

They are outraged, and they should be.

But I can’t help but ask…

Where have we been? Why did it take something extreme like Covid-19 to wake us up?

Everything that’s going on right now… this isn’t new guys. This agenda has been promoted for years. The spirits at work now are the same ones that have been controlling our media, entertainment and government for a really long time.

And yes, they’ve been slowly taking over the church too.

Why didn’t we see it before?

Why did we wait till our freedom and our children’s lives were at risk to stop turning a blind eye to the evil that has been infiltrating our country, our government, our entertainment, media and sports?

We made no effort to stop it until it permeated every inch of our society. Why?

The even bigger why that I have is this… Why are some Christians still trying to turn a blind eye to it? To the point where we shame other Christians for taking a stand.

(Sean Feucht says the online trolling is coming from mostly Christians.)

Seriously guys, Why?

Netflix is being cancelled by many conservatives right now and they should be.

But guys… Netflix should have been canceled a long time ago.

Yes, they took it to the next level with the ‘cuties’ movie but the majority of their shows before this weren’t exactly Christian material either.

Do we realize that if conservatives had banded together before and took a stand against Netflix, we probably wouldn’t be here now?

Do we realize that our government has been playing us for years?

Covid isn’t the first political scam that they have used to farther their agenda.

If you take a good look at the cold, hard facts of 9/11, it is blindingly obvious that it was not a terrorist attack but probably an inside job.

Where were we?

I’m not entirely sure what my point is here…

Maybe it’s this: Our country and our freedom is being threatened by people with evil intentions.

That is the facts.

I don’t know what exactly their end goal is but I do know that it isn’t what God has in mind for America.

A lot has been exposed this year but I don’t think we’ve yet seen just how deeply this evil agenda runs.

I think ‘cuties’ is mild compared to what these people are capable of.

So, the question is: ‘Are we going to see it, or are we going to continue to ignore it?’

It is time for Christians to take a stand. It is time for Christians to get involved in politics, entertainment and it’s high time we highjack the media and start using their platforms to promote truth.

We have seen the influence that these platforms have. They have people wearing masks and social distancing over a virus that isn’t much worse then the average flu. If it’s even worse at all.

Can you imagine how far we could spread the gospel and how many lives could be impacted positively if we had Christians running these platforms?

It’s time for us to step up and be the voices that are being heard. It’s time to drown out the hopelessness and be the voices of hope.

Sean Feucht’s massive ‘Let us Worship’ events have proven that people are desperate for hope, for worship and for Jesus.

It is time to stop following the world’s ideas and focus on what God is doing in this season.

It is time to be ‘the light of the world.’

I believe with all my heart that God isn’t done with America yet. I believe that what looks like evil taking over is actually revival being ushered in.

Here’s the problem tho…

How will we respond if revival doesn’t look like we think it should?

How will we respond if God does things differently then we expect?

How will we respond when God uses people like Donald Trump, Kanye West and Justen Bieber to bring revival to our land?

I don’t know who God plans on using but I do know that if you read through the Old Testament he often choose people who were far from perfect.

God isn’t looking for perfect people, he’s looking for those who (like David) are ‘men after his own heart.’

Did you know that the Jews were expecting and waiting for a Messiah?

Did you know that many of those same people rejected Jesus?


I think there’s two main reasons:

  1. God didn’t send the Messiah in the way they expected.
  2. The Messiah challenged their beliefs and their systems.

I believe this is where we are right now.

I believe that revival is coming but it doesn’t look like we expect it too.

I believe that we are seeing the end of church as we know it.

Because when Jesus came to earth, he didn’t come to applaud them on their organization skills or their perfect, smooth flowing systems.

He came to separate good and evil. He came to bring light, deliverance, healing and hope.

Matthew 10:34. “Think not that I am come to send peace on earth: I came not to send [or bringpeace, but a sword.”

Considering how long the church has not only tolerated but also participated in the evil in our land, I don’t think God is going to applaud our man made systems either.

I think he’s going to bring the church back to his design. A people that is focused more on the heart of the father then on creating a perfect system.

A church that cares more about laying down our lives and about true repentance, then we do about keeping everyone happy.

The question is: are we going to get on board With what God is doing?

Are we willing to lay down our ideas, our wants and our wishes for his will?

Are we willing to be moldable, to be fully surrendered to his plan?

Are we willing to let go of everything we hold dear, for the better life of complete and total surrender to the gospel?

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