Recognizing That My Battle Isn’t Yours And Your Battle Isn’t Mine

Let me just say again…

Facebook is an interesting place these days.

There is a lot of differing opinions, and some of them you can’t really label as right or wrong.

They are simply different. 

I might not agree with some of the opinions out there and they might even be completely contradictory to mine but still, I can’t necessarily declare that their opinion is wrong.

Here’s an example:

Romans 13 has been quoted by more then one person through this pandemic and the opinion with it says that we should do exactly what Wolf says. This has come from people who I highly respect and have great relationships with.

My opinion is that we can respect Wolf without falling prey to his unconstitutional demands.

Still, who am I to say I’m right and they’re wrong?

Another example:


Fauchi himself said that masks are not helpful against Coronavirus. A lot of doctors are speaking up saying they are actually harmful.

I’ve taken this subject to trial in my head and the truth is, I don’t believe there to be a right or wrong side.

I can tell you that if my business was fully my own, we wouldn’t be wearing masks.

On the other hand… I tried it at market one day, we made it about halfway through the day before the market manager told us we need to wear them.

Again, this is a person I have a great relationship with. She goes above and beyond to stay on top of bad reviews, customer complaints etc. She, like the rest of us, is navigating a situation she has no experience or training in.

Who am I to make her job harder?

Here’s the thing though…

Masks is not my fight.

It’s not mine, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t yours.

And if it is yours, I’m applauding the stand you’re taking.

We are all called to something.

If you don’t know what that is just ask yourself what makes your blood boil, what subject do you know from the inside out, what thing will you argue about even if you’re normally not an outspoken person. What is the thing that you will stand for or against no matter the cost?

That, my friend, is your calling.

We will be the most effective if we operate in the field God has called us too.

This doesn’t give us a free pass to turn a blind eye to things we don’t want to know or see, nor does it give us the right to say: “I’m gonna ignore that because I’m not called to it.”

It does, however, give us the right to say, that’s not my fight but I will support you while you go to battle.

You see, this is where the problem starts. Neither side, here, is understanding of the other person’s perspective.

Instead of supporting each other we roll our eyes and mutter: ‘Seriously, your perspective is messed up!’

How can we be so sure tho? Who are we to say that God should speak to everyone the way he speaks to me? Maybe they heard from God just as clearly as we did.

You see, God sees the whole picture but we only see the part he gave us to play.

On the other hand… we don’t seem to understand that not everyone is as passionate or called to the same thing we are. Instead we bulldoze them with our opinions and if they’re still not convinced we question their morals and intelligence. (🙋🏼‍♀️Guilty but working on it.)🙈

Guys. We’ve got to figure out how to stand up for what we believe in without making it personal. We’ve got to start taking steps to change the law of the land (literally) instead of attacking the little people (who have no control over said issue) just because they don’t agree with us.

Side note: the democrats didn’t get to the place of power that they have right now by sitting on the sidelines talking about their problems. They took action. Think about that. We live in the same country. We have the same laws. The difference is they utilized  the power they did have and managed to expand it from there. Are we going to do the same?

Here’s some perspective…

Now these are the gifts Christ gave to the church: the apostles, the prophets, the evangelists, and the pastors and teachers. Ephesians 4:11

He gave to the church…

• apostles

• prophets

• evangelists

• pastors

• teachers

When it comes to a situation like Covid-19 each one of those listed above will respond differently.

The apostle will see an opportunity. He’ll ask: “How can we use this to farther God’s kingdom, to bring Heaven to earth?

The Prophet will ask: “What does God have to say through all this? What is his plan?”

The Evangelist will notice the hopelessness of the unsaved and his question will be: “How can I reach the lost and the hopeless through all this?”

The Pastor will think of the church and ask: “How can I continue to meet the needs of my church through this time?”

The Teacher… the truth is I’m not sure exactly what makes the teacher tick, but I’m pretty sure they have their own views as well.

If you read through that 👆 you will see that it would be easy for the pastor to say that: now is not the time to focus on outsiders or new ideas, but rather we must focus on leading the congregation through this time.

The evangelist could argue that the churchgoers already know Jesus and have hope but the lost have nothing so we must reach them!

While The Prophet might say: Hold up, we gotta hear from God!

And the apostle might be proclaiming: Guys we cannot miss this opportunity!

If you think about it… None of those are wrong and if they all work together, every angle will be covered.

However, if they all think they’re the only ones that have the correct answer they will have nothing but complete chaos.

I believe that we are in that exact place.

Our job is to fight the fight and do the job that God has given us, while simultaneously supporting the people around us in the task or battles that God has asked them accomplish and fight.

We would do well to recognize that if God has called us to different things, every angle and problem will be covered. However, if we waste our time criticizing our neighbor because they were given a different task then we were, then not only are we hindering the progress of those around us but we are also failing at getting our job done.

Can we offer grace to each other?

God gives it to us freely, even though we are undeserving.

Can we do the same for the people around us? Can we recognize that we are all first timers in navigating this situation and allow each other some room to make mistakes?

P.S. Grace is not a free pass to act like a crazy person tho.🤨🙃



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