Google Doesn’t know Politics

If google doesn’t know, then we’ve got a problem.

And I’m here to tell you that google doesn’t understand politics. (I’m thinking it mighta caught Covid)

Translation: We’ve got a problem.

Guys. The American people know so little about our government system that you can’t even find sensible information about it on google.

This. Is. A. Problem.

Because if google doesn’t know, then how am I supposed to learn?!😳🤷‍♀️

Google knows that there’s a difference between bills and resolutions but it does not seem to know exactly what that difference is.

Google also doesn’t seem to know if the steps to  pass a resolution are the same or different as those needed to pass a bill.

Google doesn’t seem to know how they determine if a bill goes to the governor or to the president.

Google doesn’t seem to know which bills or resolutions pass by majority vote and which ones need at least two thirds of the votes before they pass.

Right now they’re working on passing a resolution that would override Wolf’s ‘State of Emergency’ order. If I understand it correctly, if this gets passed, PA would be fully open within 2 days.

The problem is… I’m not sure if I understand everything correctly and google is not helping me!

It doesn’t know how many steps this thing has to pass before it becomes a legitimate thing.

It doesn’t know if it passes by majority vote or if it needs two thirds of the votes.

It doesn’t know if it’s active as soon as it passes the house and senate or if it needs to be signed off on by some higher up person and if it does… google is even more clueless as to who that higher up person might be.

It is every bit as confused as I am as to why this resolution was introduced to ‘some committee with a long name’ at the beginning of April already but it took a whole month for this committee to finally vote on it. (It passed, now it was sent to PA house and they’re gonna vote on it but google doesn’t know when.)🤦‍♀️

Google doesn’t even know if Wolf has a chance to veto this or if it will go over his head.


So basically I have no clue either. (Might be the hardest thing I ever admitted too.)

To say I’m disappointed is an understatement because google has never before let me down.

In case you’re wondering this thing is called ‘House Resolution 836’ 

Google It.

That way me, you and google can be confused together.

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