Taking Advantage of the Little Guy

Neither Kenz nor Kyna like bugs, so if there’s a bug in their room they have a meltdown till someone removes it.

Eventually I got tired of the drama and told them they have 2 choices: keep the bug in their room or figure out how to get it out.

Well, they found a removal solution.


He doesn’t need a tissue, a dustpan or anything. He simply picks it up with his bare fingers (dead or alive) and takes it to the trash.

This was all working out fine till he discovered that forgetting about the trash can and taking the bug back to wherever they are playing is much more entertaining!

Kenzie let’s out a loud yelp, “Myles! Take it to the trash right now!”

Kyna joins the frenzy, “No Myles! No Myles! No Myles!”

There is hollering, there is jumping, there is running. I can’t see them but it sounds quite entertaining.

I hear Myles giggling throughout the entire spiel before he finally runs out the hallway with a big grin and drops the bug in the trash.



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