Motherhood: spending your days hearing shouts of ‘mom watch this!’ Then realizing the stunt was already done but you’re still waiting for that earth shattering act. Oh. That little hop. That was the show.


Motherhood: staying up late in a desperate attempt to claim some alone time then wondering the next morning why you didn’t choose to sleep instead.


Motherhood: changing diapers, cleaning up spills, settling spats and making up answers to bizarre questions instead of drinking your coffee hot.


Motherhood: wondering if you always hid a crazy person inside or if your kids have magic abilities to turn you into something you aren’t.


Motherhood: realizing for the first time how incredibly selfish you are.


Motherhood: cleaning up the house from top to bottom, turning around to admire your clean house and wondering if a tornado passed through while you were preoccupied with getting that last room in order.


Motherhood: spending an hour cooking a healthy, delicious meal (in your mind) only to have all thoughts of success evaporate the second your children eye their plates with looks of sheer horror.


Motherhood: watching that accomplished feeling evaporate quickly when you realize that success in one area means you let the ball drop in another area.


Motherhood: making a career in the 9-5 world look relaxing as you become a chef, a personal assistant, an Uber driver, a housekeeper, housecleaner, teacher, accountant, nurse, nanny… without any breaks, overtime or even a paycheck. Oh, and did I mention that you also get the privilege of working both the night and day shift?


Motherhood: the greatest gift ever gifted to women.


Motherhood: having the privilege of seeing life through the wonder filled eyes of a child.


Motherhood: experiencing the joy of new life, sweet squishy babies, first smiles, first steps…


Motherhood: understanding, for maybe the first time, what true unconditional love looks like.


Motherhood: bringing out the worst and the best of yourself.


Motherhood: an opportunity to raise Jesus loving, world changers.


Motherhood: an investment with a return bigger then you ever imagined.


Motherhood: creating a safe space for emotions, evolving opinions, dreams, creativity and more.


Motherhood: you really had no idea what exactly you were signing up for.


Motherhood: possibly the biggest sacrifice, but also the best decision you’ll ever make.


Happy Mother’s Day!


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