Conspiracy Theories: Facts Or Fiction

If there’s one thing that life has taught me well, it’s this: There is always two sides to every story, and we have no right to form an opinion on something unless we’ve heard every side.

And this…

Few things are actually what they seem to be.

If you dig a little deeper, if you read between the lines and if you search for the truth it is always there but it is rarely found on the surface.

That’s probably why I haven’t, from the very beginning, believed in this virus.

I’m a subscriber to which is a website that features modern day prophets.

But just like every other website, you’re setting yourself up to be let down if you believe everything you read. However if you follow it consistently you’ll find the bits and pieces that repeat themselves and you find a faint outline of the whole picture.

I just reread that last paragraph and I really have no idea if it made any sense?🤷‍♀️😳

Until this pandemic started, I didn’t follow conspiracy theories other then a random book or article here and there.

I never paid any attention to ‘Q’ pre-pandemic, but I watched bits and pieces of his/her/they’re🤷‍♀️😆 stuff since.

However, every time I watched it I felt like God was warning me to be careful. Of what exactly, I was never sure. If I had to put it into words… I think he was telling me ‘its not the whole story.’

I was fascinated, however, by the fact that what today’s prophets are saying, actually, to a certain degree, lines up with what ‘Q’ is saying.

Just to be clear the connecting lines between the two are very faint.

Here’s a couple things that I’ve learned about true prophecy over the last couple years…

1. It is rarely specific. Kris Vallotton prophesied earlier this year (during the impeachment hoax) that Trump will be President again but the path there will be extremely ugly.

He didn’t give specifics such as a virus, economic shut down, job losses etc. but he did say it was going to be ugly.

2. God rarely gives specific timelines. I’ve never been sure what this verse means: But do not overlook this one fact, beloved, that with the Lord one day is as a thousand years, and a thousand years as one day. Peter 3:8 but I think maybe God is trying to tell us that his timing and our timing is two completely different things. When he says ‘soon’ we hear next week but he meant in a year or two.

3. God rarely gives us the full story. In DTS one speaker said ‘when prophesying it is important to shut up when God stops speaking.’ Another said: ‘it’s easy to tell when God stops talking and the person (the one prophesying) takes over.

Basically, sometimes when God gives us a word for someone it won’t make sense to us because we don’t know their story, but it will make sense to them because they do know the whole story.

The problem is… since it doesn’t make sense to us, our flesh wants to step in and fill in the blanks with our own ideas. This has the potential to end really badly though because we might end up telling a totally different story then God wanted to tell!

What’s all this got to do with conspiracy theorists? 

Like I said the basic outline of what the prophets and conspiracy theorists are saying are somewhat similar.

From the few I’ve watched, I think it’s safe to say that most conspiracy theorists are not Christians. (I could be wrong, I haven’t dug into this very deeply.)

I think the main difference between the two is that the prophet is led by the Holy Spirit and is seeing things from a spiritual perspective.

I think the conspiracy theorist has the same prophetic gift but is not being led by the Holy Spirit, so they end up using their own words and ideas to express what they are seeing and feeling. They are also seeing it from a worldly perspective instead of a spiritual one.

There is so much going on right now that it is really hard to get a full picture of what exactly is happening.

Sometimes it feels fully political and sometimes it feels fully spiritual but I think maybe it’s both. There’s obviously a lot of political battles being waged but I think it might be driven by a really dark, underlying agenda in the spiritual world.

I’m not saying the conspiracy theorist is 100% wrong but from what I’m seeing their theories do not seem to be holding out. They might have their statistics right and they might be bringing certain things to light but I don’t think they have the whole story either.

However, I do think their gut instinct is usually correct.

In the case of this virus, yes I think they’re right. I don’t believe that this is or ever was about a virus, (I could be wrong.) but I also don’t know what exactly it is about. (Nor does the conspiracy theorist seem to)

Like everyone else, I have theories and opinions but I know for sure that we don’t have all the details and I think we would probably freak out if we would know everything that’s going on in within our government.

I’ve concluded that I’m not a fan of conspiracy theories nor do I believe their information to be accurate.

However, a conspiracy theory is just that. A theory.

Believing that this whole charade is about more then just a virus is not just a theory though, it seems instead to be slowly but surely proving that there is somewhere, somehow an underlying agenda.

My point being, you can believe that things aren’t what they seem without being a conspiracy theorist.

Deep corruption within our American systems in everything from government to churches is being exposed.

And I’m hoping that more things will be brought into the light and maybe eventually we will see the whole picture.

However, the darkness exposed is a good thing even if we never fully understand what just happened.

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