God Is Speaking To Our Kids

He is always speaking to our kids, but I think in this season, he is going to use our kids to let his voice be heard.

The question is: Are we listening?

Story 1

Kynaston (age 4) had a dream.

A scary dream.

He rarely comes to our room at night, but he came in and said he wanted to sleep in our room because he had a scary dream.

He got a blanket and slept on the floor.

I believe that God speaks to us through dreams, and nightmares often indicate spiritual warfare.

While dreams are given through physical pictures, I think we need to interpret them as if they’re happening in the spiritual realm.

So, the next day I asked him about his dream.

He said:

Myles, Kenzie and me were playing in the yard and then a wolf came and grabbed us and was swinging us around and around and around!

Me: Oh. I bet that was scary. Then what happened?

Kyna: Well, then we heard sirens and the wolf heard them too and then he quickly ran away, because he knew that the cops and fire trucks were coming to get him.

Me: So, they were coming to protect you, right?

Kyna: Yes.

Me: So, I think Jesus was telling you that he’ll always protect you, even when scary things happen, right?

Kyna: Yes! Because he’s always with me!

Like I said, I believe God speaks through dreams, but sometimes there’s dreams that are so weird that it’s kinda like: well, I have no clue what that meant!😳

Other times, there’s dreams that you just kinda know are significant some how.

This was a significant one but I wasn’t sure why or what a God was trying to say.

Eventually, I came to this conclusion…

The wolf represents Tom Wolf.

We were all just calmly playing in the backyard (living our normal lives) when the wolf (Tom Wolf) came out of nowhere and started swinging us around and around and around. (Kinda what it felt like when he started shutting stuff down left and right, right?)

Then Sirens (the people more powerful then Tom Wolf) were heard in the distance and the wolf ran off because he knew they were coming for him. (Wolf did start moving forward with opening PA back up (slowly but still) the second he heard AG Barr might be going after governors who overstepped, right?)

I was even more fascinated by all of this after I read a couple different stories about God speaking to children about covid-19.

Psalm 8:2 says:

Through the praise of children and infants
    you have established a stronghold against your enemies,
    to silence the foe and the avenger.

I don’t know exactly what God is doing right now but I do believe our kids will be instrumental in this season in bringing heaven to earth.

Story 2

Kynaston randomly announced: If we ask Jesus something, then are very, very quiet, we can hear him talk.

Me: “Yea! We can, but who told you that?” Because, I know I didn’t teach them that although I probably should have.

”Kenzie told me.” He said.

I was fascinated so I asked Kenzie (age 7) about it. I expected her to say she learned it at school or church (which chances are she did) but she didn’t really seem to know where she learned it.

Her answer: “I just know it because I do it sometimes.”

Me: “That’s awesome Kenz, What does God say to you?”

Kenz: “When I prayed about the coronavirus, he said that we weren’t going to get it. And when I prayed that it would go away, he said it going to go away soon.”

I had no words. I think I might have been shocked speechless.

I have this idea that we need to teach our kids everything. And We do need to teach them but the Holy Spirit is walking with us, helping us, and even going over our heads and speaking directly to our children.

I was excited about this because I want my kids to have a real relationship with God rather then just going through the motions because it’s what we are teaching them. I want them to know God intimately right now, while they are still young.

Disclaimer: I’m not trying to make a prophetic statement about the virus or Tom Wolf. The point is simply that God is speaking to our children in this season and I think it’s important that we as adults pay attention to what God is saying through them.

4 thoughts on “God Is Speaking To Our Kids

  1. I love this Grace and totally agree! It’s something I’ve been thinking about a lot lately too… mostly because my daughter has been speaking simple but profound words in this season. One day I had this realization that the Lord is absolutely using her to speak truth into my life! Thanks for sharing again❤️


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