A good day to catch up on my stack of books.

I made breakfast for the kids, then sat down with a book and my green smoothie. (It’s homemade and better then thrive or plexus. Cheaper too.)🤓

• I read 1 page.

Then I got up and cleaned up Myles, he had yogurt dripping from his chin and on his clothes. I eyed the table and sink… no it’s a reading kind of day, the mess won’t go anywhere. I sat down.

• I read 4 pages.

I got a text, laughed at some memes, gave my opinion🙈 then looked at FB. Oh yea, I was going to read.

• I read a couple more pages.

”Mom! Want cracker!” That was Myles. I gave him a cracker and 1 for each of his siblings, then sat down again.

• Got a couple more pages read.

“Mom! Want drink!” Myles again… I got him a drink and tried to get back to my reading.

• Read 1/2 a page.

Then discovered Myles is playing with his water… which means he spilled it on the floor and then was jumping in it. 🤷‍♀️ I cleaned that up then sat down again.

• Read a couple pages.

I wad deeply involved in the story when I was suddenly brought back to earth when I was hit by a small tornado. In the aftermath, once the confusion cleared, I realized it was just Myles diving off the end table onto my lap. No injuries to report. Me and the book came out without a scratch.

I gave Myles some attention, then sent him off to play then looked at FB again. It’s highly entertaining these days. Who knew you could make that many songs or memes about… toilet paper.🤨 Right… my book.

• Read a page or 2.

Then refereed a fight.

• Got another page in.

Then found a book for Kenzie, that she couldn’t find.

• Read another couple pages.

The kids got hungry… Didn’t I just feed them?! I got snack for them and decided I should have some coffee with my book, so I took care of that and sat down again.

• Read another page or three.

The kids decided to play in the living room, which means Myles would climb on the chair beside me, then get off and play. (Multiple times) then he got back on, kicked my book out of my hand, giggled and ran off. My chair got run into multiple times as their toys ‘Vroomed’ through the air. ‘Paw patrol is on the case!’ Seems to be the theme of their game. And the noise… the noise levels are deafening!🤦‍♀️

All that to say: I can no longer concentrate on my book.🤨

So, I gave up and I checked FB.😬 And I blogged about my failed reading attempts.

I’m only on page 99 and I started this book 3 days ago. 🧐

Now, I’m going to go clean out a closet or two, because thats a good rainy/quarantine day project as well. And it takes less then half the concentration.👏

Someday, I’ll get to the bottom of my stack of books.

Then again, maybe not since it seems to grow faster then it it diminishes.🤨

How’s your quarantine going?


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