More Action Less Words

• It’s been prophesied that the year 2020 will bring 20-20 vision. That is a term eye doctors use to describe perfect vision.

Perfect vision in this time, I believe, means that in the church we will see clearly who relies on the Holy Spirit and who relies on man made systems.

Perfect vision in this time will reveal in individuals, who has truly put their trust in God and who has rather chosen, to rely on themselves, on their own business, their own ability to take care of themselves.

Perfect vision in this time will reveal systems and even individual people within our government system that are pursuing control rather then what’s best for the people.

The current worldwide pandemic is doing exactly this☝️. It is shaking the foundations that we have built, it is revealing the hearts of the people, the strength of the church and the power of the government.

Are we ok with what we see?

Will we accept what is being revealed to us, about ourselves, our churches and our government systems?

Many people have asked us something along the lines of: “Why move to California? It’s one of the most democratic states out there.”

It is my opinion that this question answers itself. “Because, they obviously need republicans!” Ok, that actually has nothing to do with it, but still! We won’t change the world by running from everything that’s problematic!

The thing that has really stood out to me through this pandemic tho, is that fact that while California has put the most restrictions in place, Pennsylvania is not far behind them.

Why is PA, a state with a lot of conservative people who claim to be republican, a democratic state?

May I dare suggest, that the moral decline of America isn’t so much because of the people living in sin, as it is because of a church that has lost its fire?

A church that uses Facebook to vent and rant about injustices of the world, such as: abortion, human trafficking etc. All while simultaneously being unwilling to take action.

Our reasons for not taking action are pretty shallow… physical comfort and fear of what others will think are some of the devils favorite tools in this region.

It is my opinion that the church should be doing less talking and more doing.

• We should be doing less talking about the demonic Super Bowl halftime show, and take steps to put Christians on that stage. It is the worlds largest platform, imagine the impact it could have on the world if we put some Jesus-loving-people up there.

(Also… put some research into it… these woman had a team of people working with them for months before hand in order to maximize the influence of the message they wanted to get out. A message that was (in part) about freeing Latino woman and children. I don’t think it’s a coincident that this is also a message that God has been highlighting at this time.

Is it possible, that God will say what he wants the world to know, by any means available? Is it possible that he used Jennifer Lopez because there was no willing Christians?

• We should be doing less talking about the evilness of abortion and start taking steps to help these girls in need.

Planned parenthood saw a need and they stepped up. Sure, their solutions are pure evil, but the real question is: “Why hasn’t the church stepped up?”

These are woman and girls getting abortions, often not because it’s what they want but because they see no other way. They have zero hope of being able to care for their baby. Some (many?) actually believe they are doing the right thing.

Instead of bashing planned parenthood, shouldn’t we be trying to take their clients instead?

• We Should be doing less talking about Tom Wolf’s crazy reaction to this pandemic and start doing whatever it takes to remove him from his position as PA’s governor. Wether he is or isn’t doing the right thing during this pandemic isn’t really the point. The point is: What he stands for and wants to accomplish is not good things.

As Christians, we should be using less words and taking more action. If we really want to change the world we need to get our people into the government, into Hollywood, into major sports.

Sports, movies, the government: ‘Its not the platforms that are corrupt, it’s the people using them that are corrupt.’

Are we the church, willing to give up our comfortable lives in order to start changing the world?


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