It’s Time To Aquire All That God Has For Us

We put our house on the market on a Thursday night, listed at $299,500. On Sunday we were given a prophetic word that our house was going to be under contract by the end of the week and we would get more for it then we are asking for.

Long story short: by Wednesday morning we had an offer of $305,000 for it. Obviously we were excited and were going to take it, right? I mean it’s already above the listed price, so what more could we ask for.

So, we took the offer, but the thought ‘It’s not good enough!’ Kept going though my head. I consider myself a pretty reasonable person, so thinking a number that was already higher then expected wasn’t good enough, simply didn’t make sense.

Finally, after much too long, I asked God:”What are you trying to tell me?”

His answer: “I want you to refuse to settle for less then I have for you.”

Me: “Ok, I’ll pray for a higher offer.” I’m working by myself so this works out well.

God: “No. Take action, it doesn’t count if no one knows about it.”

So, I called Checkers and told him I think we’re supposed to pursue a higher offer for our house because I feel like God is saying ‘it’s not good enough!’

Believe it or not, soon after I hung up, God stopped talking in riddles and gave me the complete version of what he wanted me to understand. (As Barb Works says: keep being obedient without understanding and you’ll end up right where God wants you!)

What I believe God wanted me to get is this: We, his people, are settling for less then he has for us. We act as if the God we serve operates on human strength, but the truth is: He is powerful, he is almighty, he is God!

And yet when life happens and things go wrong, we simply shrug in defeat, we give up instead of tapping into his  power and the wide range of resources that he has made available to us! 

Yea, I believe that God actually wanted us to spend some time asking him for an even better price on our house. Not because he was going to give us a higher price but because he wants us to live a life that refuses to stop until we’re absolutely sure he doesn’t have something more in store. (And also because he absolutely enjoys spending time with us, and being involved in the details of our lives.)

In this case, had we simply settled for that price, we would have missed out on what he wanted to say.

It was never about getting more for the house, it was about refusing to settle for less then what God has for us.

I believe, that we are living in a season where God is taking back ground that the enemy has stolen.

It’s a time when you’ve got to see things from a spiritual perspective or it won’t make much sense.

It’s a time where, I believe, we will see as much victory as we fight for, and we won’t get what we give up on.

God has more for us, guys, I know this so deeply that it almost drives me crazy sometimes. We are settling for so much less then he is offering.

There’s a battle raging in the spiritual realm. If you look at the world with a human mindset it’s quite terrifying, and it really does look like we’re all going to die.

However, if you see it from God’s perspective it makes much more sense.

• Sean Feucht ran for Congress… and he lost. To the world this looks like failure, but a Jesus follower will recognize the spiritual ground that was recovered from the enemy! (Find Sean feucht on Facebook and read his story.) He opened doors for the next person to run an even better race, a lot more Christians are voting because of this and that’s only a small part of it all. Go read his story, it’s worth your while.

• Olive, she died at 2 years old but her parents refused to allow death to have the final word. They spent a week, worshiping with their church and speaking life over her. Hoping for her to awake, to live again. She didn’t come alive again and to the world that meant the whole thing was a failure. The truth is tho, the hearts of the people were awakened. People encountered God in new ways because someone dared to challenge death. Again… through this the devil lost ground and I believe that because of Olive’s story, more people won’t  see death as the end and we will see people come back to life.

God is always in control, he’s got everything covered. However, this side of Heaven the spiritual battle will continue to rage. With each move of God the devil will move as well.

So when God starts taking back ground that the devil thought he already owns, he will fight back. Hence the coronavirus and the impeachment hoax and whatever else is going on right now… to the natural eye it looks like the world is out of control, but to the spiritual eye it looks like God has declared: ‘Enough is enough!’

I believe that God wants us to walk through the next season of life with a ‘that’s not good enough!’ mentality.

I’m not talking about living a life of  discontentment though, I’m talking about pursuing the miracles, healings, supernatural acts and freedom that the Bible tells us God is capable of supplying.

I believe that we aren’t supposed to settle for anything less then a church that looks like the early church did. Did you ever wonder what the apostle Paul would say if he walked into a modern day church?

He wasn’t the kind of guy to mince words, and I’m pretty certain a large percent of people would walk out of church offended by his opinion.

And that my friend, is scarier then the coronavirus.

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