Rewriting The Lyrics

“Hallelujah, it rains on everything! Hallelujah Jesus is king!”

Those were the words that Kyna was singing with much enthusiasm.

I was busy painting and only half listening to the shenanigans of the kids around me, but my sub-conscious kept picking up on the fact that something was off with this song.

As, I hummed the song to myself I found the problem…

Hallelujah, he reigns ore everything! Hallelujah, Jesus is king!

God has written the story of your life. It’s a story of redemption. Of love. Of hope. Of beauty from ashes.

The devil has his own agenda for your life. It’s one of death. Of hate. Of defeat. Of turning beauty to decay.

You can follow whomever you want. The choice is yours.

When the devil sings songs of death, will you rise above it and rewrite the lyrics to those of life?

When he chants defeat, will you claim victory?

As I wrestled through some demonic mind games recently, I asked God, “What do you have to say about this?”

His answer: “The devil is like an evil TV commercial. If you don’t like what you see, you have the option of turning it off.”

You see, we have some pretty strict TV policies in place at our house.

We don’t have cable, but we have an antenna that allows us to watch football games. Each game is watched with a remote in hand and those eye widening, fear causing commercials are not given a voice in our house. They are promptly with no second guessing turned off before they even have a chance to influence our lives.

That is how powerless the devil is in the life of a Christian. When he flaunts stories of rejection, fear, could happens, and ‘you will never beat these things’ through your mind, you have the option of simply flipping the channel.

You have the option to refuse to view the garbage that he’s throwing at you.

You simply turn of your thoughts and focus on Jesus. Because he already won the battle. He settled it all on the cross. He gave his life for our redemption.

The devil lost and Jesus declared his victory with 3 simple words.

”It is finished.”