Why Do We Buy Toys?

Its January 2nd.

Less then two weeks ago, we started a slow but almost complete overhaul on our play room.

Before the Christmas gifts started rolling in, I went through all the toys and got rid of everything except the favorites: Matchbox cars and tracks and Kenzie’s doll stuff. Everything else left.

Now they have a toy room full of brand new toys…

However, these toys are currently lonely and unemployed while the kids have been entertained for the last hour or more with grocery bags.

Yup, grocery bags.

Yup, they were free.

I’ve always been fascinated with how a kid’s imagination takes over when you give them things to play with that have no specific shape or purpose. But when you give them toys that only do one thing, they get tired of them rather quickly.

And there you have it. A peek at the thoughts rambling through my mind.

I’m wondering what would happen if I got rid of all our toys?😳🤷‍♀️😅


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