Raising A Professional Negotiator

“Kyna, do you want chocolate chips or a candy brick?” I asked. It’s a thing around here: for quiet time they always get about 10 chocolate chips but occasionally there’s other sweet things around, which is why he gets too choose today.

”Yes!” He says. “Chocolate chips and a brick!”

Me: 🤦‍♀️

“Kyna, you need to choose one.”

”Ok.” He says. “I’ll take grape juice.”

🙄 I can hear the grin on his voice but still…🤦‍♀️

Someday… maybe he’ll be able to convince the government of some closed country that bringing in Bibles should be allowed.

Maybe, he’ll have the grit and determination to be avidly involved in tearing down regional strongholds.

Someday… he will go places with his determination to color outside the lines.

Someday… his refusal to conform to man’s standards will take him to greater heights then the average person will go.


But right now…

I might just pull a few hairs out. 🤨

Unless, I keep my eyes on that someday and recognize that this personality type is the very one that will leave the biggest impact on the world.

Because it will not be swayed, it will not be stopped. Opposition is its fuel rather then its deterrent.

Our job as his parents isn’t to force him to conform but rather to teach him how to use and control this strength/weakness for the greater good.

As for me… I’m learning how to be his unmovable brick wall while also allowing him to forge a few tunnels through this brick wall.🤨

It’s a hard balance to find😎

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