Lemongrass Spa

Beware… this is not the kind of blog I normally write.

There. You’ve been warned. Proceed with caution. It might cost you. Literally.😆

It’s a long story but here’s the short version…

4+ years ago I was pregnant and had gestational diabetes. The doctors said: some woman just get it, everyone’s body is different. Nothing u can do about it.


There is ALWAYS a solution. I am convinced. So I researched. And I found solutions. And I had another pregnancy that was gestational diabetes free which they say is highly unlikely if you’ve had it before.

I think someone should introduce doctors to google😎

Through all this research, I learned a lot about what happens to our bodies if we eat sugar, processed foods and use chemical laden body care products. And that’s just the start.

So, I’ve slowly been switching over to all natural products, but that gets pretty expensive!🤨

Which is why I signed up to be a Lemongrass Spa consultant and why I’m writing this blog.

(Whew, finally she gets to the point!)👏👏

Lemongrass sets some starting goals for you and if you reach them, there’s rewards for not only me but also for Rhoda, who I signed up under, so let’s help Rhoda out! Ha, see what I did there?😎

My first goal is to reach $500 in sales by November 30th.

This is where I need your help…

• If you place an order of $25 or more with me by November 30th, you will automatically get a small prize!

• If we get 1/2 way there… $250 in sales. I will turn this into a mystery hostess deal and someone will be the lucky winner!

• If you wish to place an order u can text or call me at 717-490-0493

Thank you for your support!

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