Band-aids Fix Everything


Mom, my toe hurts really bad! Can I have a band-aid?

That was Kyna.

Me: “Is it bleeding?”

“No, but it really hurts!”

”Ok, but ONLY one.” I said.

A couple seconds later he’s back with a band-aid, and is asking me to help him.

I open it and am ready to put it on his foot… but he is busy… searching for his ouchie.🤨

He pulls each one of his toes out, this missing ouchie is between two toes but we aren’t sure which ones any more.🤦‍♀️

Well it mustn’t be too bad if he can’t even find it. I’m thinking.

And then…

He starts searching on the other foot.🤔

This ouchie is very mysteriously elusive😅

I’m getting tired of standing here waiting while he searches so I exclaim: “OH! There it is!”

Kyna: “Where?”

“Right there!” I said as I quickly stuck the band-aid on a random spot on his foot before he had a chance to determine if I really did find this elusive ouchie.

”Oh yea.” He said as he patted the band-aid, then went on his merry way.

What can I say? 🤷‍♀️ I’m a mom, I excel at finding missing things!😂

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