What Is Pornography

This question was prompted by Jake Kail’s sermon on sexual immorality.

The word porn to me has always meant graphic videos with extreme sexual content.

But what is it really?

Do you know the actual definition of pornography?

This is what google defines it as:



  1. printed or visual material containing the explicit description or display of sexual organs or activity, intended to stimulate erotic rather than aesthetic or emotional feelings.

Do u notice the printed part there?

Think about it… what is porn really?
Is it possible that romance novels and movies might be a form of porn?
How far can you take it and still say you’re not into porn?
I have always loved books, any books but I was introduced to romance novels at a young age and because of that I have a hard time with them. Especially if they call them Christian romance books.
Honestly, I think that title is a complete oxymoron.
I would say the same for clean romance movies.
Even if they aren’t explicit, they often hint at ‘more’ leaving your mind going to places it probably shouldn’t.
Scroll to the top and read the definition of porn again.
It says: ‘intended to stimulate erotic feelings.’
If our entertainment of choice, wether it’s movies, magazines, books, videos or whatever is doing just that, then wouldn’t it be considered a form of porn?
I tend to to see things as black and white or more accurately as right or wrong. No exceptions. I do know this isn’t always the case because there is the occasional gray area to wade through.
I would like to suggest tho that many of these gray areas are only gray because people are afraid of taking a stand on them.
I believe entertainment is one of those gray areas.
I would love to state strongly that a Christian should not indulge in action or romance movies/books because that is my opinion.
And yet it is something that each person must decide for themselves.
I will say though that if we aren’t experiencing hunger for spiritual things, then is it possible that we are filling our souls with junk? Is it possible that we are dabbling in porn?
But if I can’t convince you completely that this kind of entertainment is wrong, then let me put it this way:
Maybe it isn’t a sin, but neither is it beneficial. It is simply mindless entertainment so why bother?
And are we absolutely, completely sure that it isn’t a form of porn? Even if it’s only one scene or one paragraph that only lasts a couple seconds?

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