It is a time for family togetherness, for deeper connections and fun times.

But it’s also supposed to be a time to relax, right?

Instead it seems to wear a person out.

Traveling and a disrupted scheduled is exhausting to an adult, so it’s really no wonder that kiddos end up tired and grumpy.

And that is why I was tucking a whiny Kyna into bed at 1:00 in the afternoon.

“But why do I have to take a nap?!” He asked, not at all impressed with my plans. He had, after all, not been taking naps anymore for awhile now.

”Because, you didn’t sleep much last night and you’re grumpy and tired, but if you take a nap you’ll feel awesome and you’ll have so much energy to play at the park later.”

2 hours later a beaming Kyna hopped from the bedroom with both hands held high, proudly displaying all 10 fingers…

”Mom! I had a good nap, now I have this many energies to play at the park!”


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