Green Sticky Notes For Lunch

I was doing bookwork.

That’s what we do Monday mornings, bookwork and ordering, it’s as standard as breakfast.

I had a green sticky note with some totals on it that I wanted to transfer to a more official location, but until I had time to do that, the sticky note sufficed.

It was laying on the counter, patiently waiting it’s turn of recognition, when I moved a book and the breeze created by this movement sent my green sticky note fluttering to the floor.

I eyed it from my perch, wishing it back but it refused to budge, oh well, I would get it when I was ready for it.

In the meantime, however, a curious little guy named Myles noticed a bright lime green spot on the floor and came to investigate. I watched him a bit, he wiggled his fingers as it stuck to them for a second then fluttered to the ground. He tried to pick it up but his baby fingers weren’t having much luck.

I went back to my papers and forgot about my baby and the sticky note.

About 10 minutes later I got up to put Myles down for his nap but first I was going to pick up that sticky note.

Except it was no where around.

“Huh, he musta ate it.” I muttered to myself as I searched a bit. Oh well, it would turn up.

I found Myles in the toy room and as I scooped him up I noticed shreds of lime green paper on his shirt.

He really did start eating that paper! I thought as I headed back to the nursery to change his diaper.

As I laid him down, he started throwing a fit, diaper changes are basically a crime in his opinion. His crying, however, gave me a perfect view of the inside of his mouth… the inside of his green sticky note covered mouth!

I started digging and pulled out many fairly big clumps of paper. By the time I was done I had a fairly big pile of wet, smushed paper and I was pretty sure I had found all of my sticky note.

The whole thing… in his mouth… and he hadn’t even so much as gagged.

I did not try to put it back together. The numbers on there weren’t that important. 🙂

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