We Have A Problem

I tried to drop him off at my parents’ house with Kenzie and Myles but his eyes filled up with those big giant tears and…

Well, let’s just say that tears are a weakness of mine.

So I strapped him back into his carseat and took him along to market even though I already knew what the outcome would be.

He would whine. Probably 95% of the time, because he gets so very bored at market.

I wasn’t wrong.

We were at market for a grand total of 5 minutes when it started.

“Mom, I’m ready to go to Maumy’s house now!”

“Well bud, you missed it. We are not leaving until we are done making food.”


“I need a drink.”

I got him a drink.

“I’m hungry!”

I got him some crackers.

“I want chocolate milk.”

“Soon Kyna, you just had a drink.”

And so he brought out his whiny voice…

“I want a drink, I need chocolate milk, I want it now, my cracker broke! I don’t want this cracker, I want another cracker, I HAVE TO GO POTTY!”

And so we went potty.

We were re-entering the stand: “I want toys. We should get toys!”


“I need to go potty again!”

“Kyna we just went, find something to do please.”

He wondered off for a bit but was soon back. “I need another cracker, I want some those cookies, I need chocolate milk, I hurt my toe you should blow it, I want chocolate milk, we should get chocolate milk now, Mom! you said I may have chocolate milk!”

Maybe, just maybe the chocolate milk would solve all his problems, and so I caved.

We went potty again. I’m pretty sure the farther away the restrooms are the more often my kids need to use them. #momfacts  And on the way back we got chocolate milk, surely the wining would stop now.

That was about the craziest thought I had all day.

The whining stopped for as long as it took to drink that chocolate milk that failed quite miserably to wield any magical powers.

“Mom, I’m ready go now, mom I want some that cookie ‘sert (dessert), I want other toys now, I want cookie ‘sert, I want more chocolate milk, can I have that? I want more cookie ‘sert!”

And that is when I reached the end of my tolerance for whining. I got down on his level, looked him straight in the eye and made sure he was listening and understanding the words that were coming out of my mouth.

“Kyna do you want to be fun and stop whining right now, or do you want to go sit over there on that box until you’re ready to be fun?”

He considered his options for a moment then very seriously said:

“But mom, that’s a problem. Because if I quit whining then you wont give me cookie ‘sert.”

Shocked silence on my end for a second.

Oh, we definitely have a problem alright!

If he thinks whining will get him what he wants then yes, there’s definitely a problem, but I’m pretty sure it’s a mom problem more then it’s a Kyna problem.

Sorry buddy, but things are about to change, and it will not be in your favor.

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