A Two Year Old And A Garden Hose

I was happily working in my flowerbeds, lost in thought, dreaming up ways to improve the market stand, strategizing how to make it more efficient and what steps I need to take to make it more profitable.


And just like that every logical thought was scared straight out of my head by the sudden and shrill shrieking coming from my five year old daughter.

I turned around almost expecting to see an elephant or some other large, foreign object in our yard. However everything seemed surprisingly normal and almost calm even, except for Kenzie who was running full speed across the yard, still hollering: “Kyna spritzed me and he said he is going to spritz me again!”

For the first time I notice Kyna.

He is still on the other side of the yard, wearing the biggest mischievous smile, huffing and puffing, and using every muscle in his little body, he’s tugging and dragging the long garden hose in the general direction of his sister who is now standing there watching with a terrified look on her face.

This is the part where I bent almost double with laughter. I know, so unprofessional in the mom business but seriously…

“Kenz, the water isn’t even on.”

“I know, but he’s dipping the hose in the pool!!!!”

Trying not to laugh again I said: “By the time he gets to you, the water is going to be all dripped off.” Not to mention that she can outrun him at anytime, so her chances of getting away from him can only go up when he’s dragging a big, long hose.

“No, mom! I’m getting all wet!”

Seriously?! Seconds before being attacked by a waterless hose, she was splashing and dunking in the kiddie pool!

Don’t we all do that though?

Seeing something from just our own perspective, it’s so easy to feel like the victim, or to see the situation through a very narrow lens, but when we get the perspective of an outsider, or even simply attempt to see it from the other person’s perspective, we often end up seeing the entire situation differently.

And if you’re wondering, the answer is yes, I did have a talk with my 2 year old about his terrorizing ways. 🙂


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