Who Are You Baby?

From the moment he was born, he was inspected closely by most who met him.

Does he look like Kenzie or Kynaston?

Well, he looks more like Kenz then Kyna but he’s definitely got Kyna’s nose and I think he might Kyna’s eyes as well, but then he’s got dark wavy hair while his siblings both have straight blond hair, he has incredible blue eyes that neither of them possess so maybe…

Just maybe…

He won’t look like either of them, but will have his own unique look.

Could this be it?

He seems to have Kenzie’s outgoing personality because he has a big smile for any person that stops to fuss over him, but at the same time he has Kyna’s more calm disposition. However, he smiles more easily then either of his siblings ever did and and he has just the faintest trace of a dimple in his right cheek that is missing from both his sibling’s smiles.

Could it be that maybe he won’t possess either of their personalities but will have his own personality that is unique to only him?

Could this be it?

He has long limbs that seem to be fly in all directions all at once just like Kenzie but he has Kyna’s more macho build instead of Kenzie’s slender one.

You’d think by baby number 3 we would know what to expect, that he would surely match one of the kiddos we already have, but as he grows we see more and more that God isn’t limited to one or two designs but he has created another little person who is unique and unlike any other person ever created.

We named him Myles Zachariah which means: ‘A soldier remembered by God.’

He seems to wear this name well. Moments after he was born he lifted his head and surveyed the room. He has no idea what life is about or why he ended up here, but he seems determined to make the most of it and to live life to the fullest.

At almost 6 months old he has taught himself how to sit, gets up on all fours and tries desperately to figure out how get his little body moving.

Usually, I look at a tiny innocent baby and think: ‘Watch out baby, the world is coming, and it’s often cruel.’

With Myles I sit back and think with amazement: ‘Watch out world, Myles is coming, and I’m sure he will not be easily discouraged!’

I love seeing each of our children’s personalities come to life as they grow, as they become their own unique person.

Not like their older siblings and not like their parents.

But they become their own person.


And beautifully created to fit the mission on earth that God has given them.


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