Family Vacation Excitement

When you’re five and you only see your cousins who live in Dauphin county about once every month or two, then family vacation with them might just rate as the most exciting part of your year.

It definitely makes the list of ‘top five most exciting’ events of the year.

We anxiously count down the days and then anticipate packing the suitcase with so much excitement that we would do it a month out ahead if mom would allow.

We are leaving for this long anticipated event tomorrow morning and since I feel like there’s no words to accurately describe the level of excitement around here, I will simply put in Kenzie’s words.

Read the next paragraph at an extremely fast pace with lots of excitement and the words almost coming out on top of each other because that’s how we heard it! 🙂

“We need to quickly get the baths done and this worship started and the book read and prayers said and the chocolate milk down so we can sleep and go on this family vacation!!!!!!!!” 🙂 

That is our normal evening routine and usually we enjoy it and drag out every minute of it but tonight I think it feels like a long list of things to accomplish before we can get started on this family vacation thing.

Parenting… It reminds you to enjoy the small things. 🙂

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