Kynaston Joash

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This little guy turned two.

In October.

Due to our busy schedule, I simply didn’t get around to blogging much this year but now that life has slowed down a bit, I’m going to try to catch up!

I’ve said it before but I’ll say it again…

Our first two kiddos couldn’t be more different.

Even before he was born I knew that Kynaston was MUCH calmer then his sister. 🙂

However, that hasn’t stopped them from being the best of friends.


Kynaston takes after my family when it comes to personality. He’s more quiet. Not as much a people person like his daddy and sister are.

However, when it comes to his likes and interests, he is definitely his daddy’s boy.

My dad bought a new work truck, which Checkers had the privilege of driving home a few times, and if you know Checkers, you probably already know that getting to drive a brand new vehicle is a pretty big deal!

Well, me and Kenz didn’t really see why this was such a big deal, but Kyna…

Yea… he got it.

While Checkers was giving us a grand tour of this new truck, Kynaston wasn’t content just looking at it, he wanted to ‘go in it!’ and wasn’t satisfied until he got to sit on those shiny new seats.

His favorite toys are match box cars and tractors. (Just like his daddy.) 🙂

My brother Mike told us (jokingly) we should bring Kyna to one of his ballgames to expand his interests.

Well, we did end up at a ballgame soon after that and Kynaston spent the entire time with his back to the ballgame so he could watch the big trucks in the parking lot behind us. 🙂


Scooping dirt is one of his favorite pastimes. Yes we have a sandbox. No it isn’t good enough, not when we can destroy the flower beds and dump dirt all over the sidewalk. 🙂


He LOVES to tease his sister. He’ll proclaim, “This is MY doll!”

She falls for it of course, “No Kyna, that is MY doll.”

And so the argument ensues with Kenz getting more and more irritated and Kynastons grin getting bigger and bigger!

One time I was giving Kyna his vitamin and Kenz asked for one too. Kyna looked at her with the most serious look on his face and said: “No. Kenz not eat one, me eat kenz’s.”

I know that he knew he would never get away with that but of course she went of the deep end trying to set him straight which is exactly what he wanted of course.

Like the time he wanted more of the blanket and pulled it off her. So, she complained, “Kyna stop taking my blanket!”

He looked at her, pulled the blanket off a bit more and said: “La, me take your blanket.” Then he looked at me and said, “You take Kenz’s blanket off.”

(La means yea. It sounds nothing like yea so I have no clue where he pulled that one out of, but thats how he says it! 🙂 )

You probably have to witness it to see the humor but it really is hilarious because she gets all feisty and determined to set him straight but he just ‘calmly’ keeps saying the same thing over and over with the most serious look on his face while totally enjoying the reaction he’s getting.

IMG_0134He is quite thrilled with his new little brother and can’t wait till Myles can scoop dirt with him. 🙂

For lunch one day he didn’t want to eat his sandwich but I told him he has too. After eating about half of it he came to find me and said, “Me threw sandwich in trashcan, you can’t get it out.”

The look on his face was so serious that he almost had me convinced that there was no possible way I was going to succeed in getting that sandwich out of the trash!

When he toots, he proudly proclaims, “Me burped!”

He absolutely loves his family and that includes his grandparents, aunts and uncles. He knows all their vehicles and knows the moment we pull into my parents driveway which vehicle is missing and which person will be missing.

He loves his maumy (my mom) and if he gets in trouble or doesn’t get something he wants he’ll start whining to go to maumy’s house.

He’s pretty strong willed and once he has his mind set on something he is not easily distracted! 😦

I must say tho… he has brought so much joy to our lives and we love every inch of his teasing, stubborn little self. 🙂



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