Lakenzie Ruth

Four years ago this cutie made me a mom and she has taken us on a crazy, adventurous, amazing and awesome journey. She has an outgoing, fun-loving personality. She has adapted quite well to having foster kids in our home, she totally loves them and enjoys having playmates every day. In her mind there is no such thing as too much activity or noise.IMG_4528.JPG

As a newborn she cried for hours on end and refused to sleep through the day or at night. As a toddler she talked without taking a break and did everything in her power to slip out of naps. As a four year old she still talks a lot and has endless amounts of energy and she no longer takes naps because on the rare occasion that she does, she can’t fall asleep at night.


She is an awesome big sister. Kynaston was grumpy and I asked her to bring him some toys… This was the end result 🙂 As you can tell, he was quite thrilled! 🙂 (Yes, this pic is at least 6 months old.)  IMG_4186.JPG

She was excited about having a birthday and totally enjoyed all the birthday cards she got in the mail. She loved having a cake made in her honor and all the attention that went with it. However two days later she was extremely disappointed when she learned that it’s not her birthday anymore. She was consoled by the fact that she still gets to be four now. 🙂

She was also very excited to join the big kids class at church now. At Threshold this is quite a big transition since the 2-3 year olds are together, then its 4 years through 7th grade or something like that. 🙂 She wasn’t too sure about staying in that class when it actually came down too it but afterwords she was glowing with excitement so I guess it wasn’t too bad! 🙂

She is thrilled to be four and can’t wait till she gets to have a birthday again! 🙂

Me on the other hand…

I keep trying to hold back the years, it seems though, the more I try to hold back time the faster it goes. :/

We love you Kenzie and we are so very blessed to have the privilege of being your parents.

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