Kynaston Joash

This cutie turned one year old!

img_4524When October 4 rolled around I found myself wondering where this last year went. Seriously he was just born!


Kynaston and Kenzie are still about as opposite as two kids can get. While Kenzie was almost always by my side, Kynaston roams through the whole house, he explores every nook and cranny.

He has discovered that if you put the toilet lid up there’s a cool little bowl of water to splash in.

He has discovered that there’s a whole new world to explore behind those closed cabinet doors and drawers.

He has discovered that you can open the trashcan and find a goldmine of unexplored treasures.

On Friday I was in the kitchen when Kynaston walked in happily chewing away on a huge wad of dryer lint. It was hanging out of his mouth, on the front of his shirt and he proudly possessed two fistfuls of the stuff as well.

Where did he find it?

Yup, in the trashcan, so who knows what other ickiness may have been included in his little snack.

Later, I hear a loud crash followed by freaked out, unimpressed complaints from Kynaston, which was then followed by Kenzie’s: ‘HE DUMPED THE TRASHCAN OVER!!!!’


This is a favorite hobby of his. 🙂

He get’s himself into all kinds of pickles and has no idea how to get out.


He was legitimately stuck. 🙂


We put covers over the outlets in our house. This was a big mistake because he discovered that these things can be pulled out, so now he wants to play with the outlets (which he had no interest in before) because it was a challenge to pull off these covers. I finally gave up and left them out, but now he figured out that he can get his fingers behind the plastic piece that covers the outlet, (you know the piece thats held on with one screw in the middle) he somehow gets his fingers behind that thing and tries to pull it off.

He loves to carry around long sticks, like a broom or this swiffer. The thing is it never goes well because it gets stuck in all kinds of places and then proceeds to knock him off his feet. This frustrates him to no end. It’s seriously hilarious to watch. :p

img_4454For awhile he had this thing where he would go over to the pots and pans cupboard and get the lid off my frying pan, then he pushed all over the place, he went zooming across the kitchen floor at an incredible rate of speed.

He loves being outside.

Yes, that is dirt, not chocolate. I have no idea where his mom is when these things occur. 🙂

So much baby sweetness. 🙂

He started walking at 11 months old.recently-updatedWe had a birthday party for him on Saturday.


He thought the cake was rather awesome. 🙂


And we think he’s rather awesome. 🙂

We thank God for the blessing he is and for the crazy amount of joy he has brought to our lives. His first year went by so fast but even so we find it hard to remember how life without him was before we met him.

img_4523He has his share of spats with his sister but at the end of the day they are pretty good friends. 🙂


We love you buddy, and we pray that you would never lose your quiet sweetness and easygoing ways. We pray that God would bless you richly and that you would come to know his heart, that you would follow him and live in his will all the days of your life.


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