The Danger In Following Fads

Have you ever wondered why people go crazy over the ‘latest fad?’

Then that product dwindles away to almost non-existance, but a new one will follow before too long.

Why? Why, do people fall for this?

I grew up with a dad who shook his head in dismay at the way people fell for every new, ‘this will heal your every ailment,’ or ‘get rich quick scheme.’ Therefore I have stayed very far away from these gimmicks because I wasn’t about to become one of those people.

The current ‘fads’ are Plexus and Essential oils.

Yes, I am aware that calling Plexus or Essential oils a fad will cause tempers to flare and defenses to arise, but before you tell me why they are not fads, let me make a few points.

First point. Look  at the definition of fad.

A fad or trend or craze is any form of collective behavior that develops within a culture, a generation or social group and which impulse is followed enthusiastically by a group of people for a finite period of time.
Similar to habits or customs but less durable, fads often result from an activity or behavior being perceived as emotionally popular or exciting within a peer group or being deemed “cool” as often promoted by social networks[1] A fad is said to “catch on” when the number of people adopting it begins to increase to the point of being noteworthy. Fads often fade quickly when the perception of novelty is gone.[1]


Sounds a whole lot like what happened when Plexus and Essential oils hit Lancaster!

Point two. How long will it last?

I would bet money, Ok, I wouldn’t since I don’t gamble but if I would gamble 🙂 I would dare to bet a large a sum on the fact that neither of these life changing products will be talked about anymore in five years. If it even lasts that long. 

Why do I say that?

Because I have seen it happen over and over again, there is always an ‘in’ product, and it does not last no matter how good the product is.

Are Plexus and Essential oils healing products?

Probably. I personally have never tried either of them but I don’t doubt that they are good products and that they have changed lives.

Let me be clear.

Plexus and Essential oils are not the problem I’m addressing here.

I’m trying to address the heart problem involved with them.

 We Are Trying To Fill The Void In Our Hearts.

We probably all know the feeling. We long for something but the truth is we don’t even know what it is we want.

We blame it on the church we attend so we find a different one, however that longing is still there.

We blame it on our finances (or lack of them 🙂 ) so we build a large savings account but still this longing remains.

People try to fill this void by investing in a healthy lifestyle, or by having many friends or by being involved with volunteer work.

Some people even expect their spouse, family or friends to fill this void but walk away from every relationship hurt, angry and depressed because these people aren’t enough to fill the void.

Still others try to fill this void by running after the latest fads (like Plexus and Essential oils) this obviously doesn’t fill the void because as soon as the next fad comes up they fall for that one and drop the current one.

Do you see it?

No matter how rich, healthy or cool we manage to become, we will still be searching for more to fill that void, because it is a void that only God can fill.

Got that?

Nothing except GOD can fill this void!!

Again, these things aren’t wrong on their own.

It’s ok to find a healthier lifestyle.

It’s ok to work hard and build wealth.

It becomes ‘not ok’ if we are trying to use these things to replace Jesus.

Jesus First

Did you ever notice though how some people can follow and even promote some of these fads, they can blow up Facebook with their promotions but for some odd reason it doesn’t get as annoying as when the next person does it?

I’ve decided it’s because they have kept their priorities straight.

When you look at their life, the first thing you see is Jesus. Then Plexus or Essential oils or whatever.

While other people seem to have it backwards. The focus of their life seems to be their product first. Then they throw God in there to make it sound good.

Do you follow fads?

If you have the tendency to, then check your heart. Are you trying to find something to fill the void in your heart? Are you trying to find peace?

If you are, then no product, no matter how go it is, will ever bring you 100% satisfaction.

Focus instead on your relationship with Jesus and let him fill that void, let him be your peace.

After that if you are still interested in Plexus, Essential oils or anything else, then by all means go for it! Whatever your reason for getting involved, wether you are trying to make some extra cash or improve your health really isn’t important…

As long as you’re not trying to fill the void that only God can fill.

Find a healthy balance, keep Jesus first, then your products, and above all else worship God and give him the glory in  all things.



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