Peace? Or Just the Absence of Turmoil?

The definition of peace:

  1. Freedom from disturbance; a state of  quiet and tranquility.
  2. Freedom from, or the absence of war or violence.

When I looked up the definition of peace I came to the conclusion that peace as the world sees it, does not compare with the peace of heart that God talks about.

Not even close.

Peace, when described by the world seems to occur only when there is absolutely no turmoil, no wars, no conflict, nothing that disturbs the quiet and tranquility.


The peace of heart that God talks about is so much more then that! This is a deep inner peace that stays even when the storm rages.

It stays even when there is wars and rumors of wars.

It is bigger then the storms that come your way.

Which peace do you have?

Do you have the peace of the world that seems to diminish more with each clap of thunder as the approaching storm threatens to overtake your perfect little life?

Is your peace dependent on life happening according to your plans? Is it dependent on everything remaining quiet and tranquil?


Do you have the peace of Jesus that tells you it’s ok, the peace that tells you it doesn’t matter how close the storm comes, or how dangerous it is, it will not touch you without his permission?

Do you have the peace of Jesus assuring you that even if the storm swallows you whole and destroys your entire life, it is ok because you belong to him who is in control of every single storm?

I have tried (and failed) to judge my spiritual condition by the amount of peace I have. I thought if I was at peace and all was well in my world, I must surely be where God wants me.

On the other hand, if there was turmoil in my heart then I needed to change something! I mean surely I was doing something wrong!

Think about this…

The enemy brings condemnation, but God brings conviction.

Condemnation means: ‘The expression of very strong disapproval.’

This is the devil’s tool, he enjoys making you feel like a failure, like you aren’t good enough, he wants you to feel like your friends, loved ones and even God himself disapprove of you and your life.

Conviction means: ‘The feeling of being sure that what you believe or say is true.’

This is God’s tool, he places on you heart a certainty that this’ in your life needs to change, or he gives you a feeling of certainty that you know what you believe even if your friends and loved ones disapprove.

If you are not only seeking God’s will, but also living in his will, walking where he asks you to walk and doing what he asks you to do…

Then the enemy will do everything in his power to stop you!

He will cause turmoil in your heart, he will try to take your peace!

On the other hand…

If you are not walking in his will, but taking your own path, living your own life and not really caring about what God wants…


Then there’s a very strong chance that you are ignoring the voice of God!

And then…

The enemy doesn’t care and he will let you go, because if you’re getting it wrong then he has nothing to lose.

So, do you really have peace?

Or are you so busy with your life, your goals, and your dreams that the enemy sees no need to cause turmoil in your heart because everything you’re working towards has little or nothing to do with the advancement of God’s kingdom, so he simply doesn’t care! 

So if life throws a curveball your way and you find yourself in a situation where you have no idea what the outcome will be…

Do you lose your peace?

Or, do you know, with a certainty, that no matter what the outcome is, God is in control and his plans are always better then your own?

I fully believe that if you follow Jesus, go where he asks and do what he says, it will be an uphill battle. You will overcome one obstacle only to find a bigger, more difficult one to get through.

And the bigger the mission from God is, the bigger the roadblocks of the enemy will be.

He doesn’t want you to win, so he definitely doesn’t want your life to influence others to the point of them winning as well, so even if he knows that he lost you, he will still do everything he can to stop you from reaching others.

Again, on the other hand…

If you make your life about yourself, he has no reason to try to stop you.

So, make sure that you aren’t mistaking the absence of turmoil for peace.

Instead, let’s step up to the plate, lets fight this battle!

Let’s win!!

Not with our dreams, or with our goals and not by making the life for ourselves that we want to live.

But rather, by fulfilling his dreams, meeting his goals and living the life he wants us to live.

Let him flood you with his peace that will stand strong through any storm.

Let your legacy speak of Jesus rather then a life lived for self.



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