Kenzie Moments

I am totally convinced that my life was extremely boing before Kenzie was in it.

She totally takes my lines and says some of the craziest stuff.

When I threatened to paddle her one time she informed me that ” No, you can’t because I’m sitting down!

After we came in from mowing the yard one day she let out a big sigh and says: “My feelings are hurt from mowing ALL that yard!

Kynaston was crying but I was set on finishing what I was doing. Kenzie walks over to him and in a sing song voice says: ” Kyyyyyyynaaaastooon….”

He kept hollering…

Kenzie yells: ” GRRRAAAACCCE!!!! Your Kynaston is yellin!!

She absolutely adores him but at the same time he can’t have any of her toys. Doesn’t matter what toy I place in front of him, trust me I can dig out something from the bottom of the toy box that hasn’t seen the light of day for weeks and he can’t have it because she was suddenly playing with it.

This wasn’t too bad at first but he is starting to realize that: “I had that and you just took it away from me and I am not ok with that!”

So, he yells. VERY  loudly.

I tried too tell him that he’s too little to have such an attitude but he’s not convinced. He just wants his toy back.

One day I heard him complaining about something so I went to investigate. Kenzie was no where to be found. Kynaston was sitting on the floor with all his toys pushed onto a pile…

Just out of his reach…


I’m pretty sure they didn’t run away from him on their own…

One night for supper we had soup with veggies and beef in it. Kenzie stared at her plate in horror and proclaimed: ” I am NOT hungry. After she was told in no uncertain terms that she still needs to eat she pointed to a string bean that was slithering along the side of her plate and with a horrified look she exclaimed: “But, there’s trees in it!” 

Poor thing, no wonder she doesn’t want to eat if she thinks I would put trees in her food. 🙂

She loves noodles. One night we had a noodle casserole that had parsley flakes in it. Kenz was all excited to dig in but stopped short when she saw the green specks. “I didn’t want beans on my noodles!” she exclaimed.

Rosie ( my sister) gave Kenzie some two M.Ms.

“Kenz say thank-you.” I said.

She got this look on her face that told me right away that she wasn’t going to say thanks.”

“Kenzie, you can say thank you or give me one of you M.M.s”. I told her feeling pretty proud of myself that I came up with such a good solution. I mean, surely she wouldn’t give up a M.M. She only had two to start with.

Imagine my surprise….

When she walked over, very nicely gave me an M.M, popped the other one in her mouth and went on her merry way.


Is it that hard to say thank you?!

My mom was asking Kenzie what she got for her birthday. She would ask what did (someones name) give you? Kenzie would get all excited and tell her. Then mom would ask what did (this) person gave. Again Kenzie excitedly answered. Then mom asked what did ____ give you. Kenzie in a very disappointed voice sighed a little and said: “Oh, she just gave me pencils.”

It was color pencils but when you’re 3 I guess it might as well be a pack of regular pencils 🙂

She still calls me Grace. She started when we did our DTS and I ignored it thinking she would just stop eventually.

Well, here we are a yr and a half later and I’m still Grace to her….

more then ever actually.

One day when she asked me if she can (I forget what she wanted to do). My answer was no and this is what she had to say:

“Grace. This is the plan” (and she proceeded to tell me what she wanted to do) “This is not the plan: you saying no!”

She also keeps me straight.

I was cleaning and she was playing with Kynaston but she was being a bit rough and I just knew he’s going to be crying soon and I was cleaning so, you know, I didn’t have time for that! So, I kept telling her: “Kenz you need to let him go!”

Sure enough soon he squeaked a little… (just a bit)

“Kenz! You need to let him go. You’re making him grumpy!”

“No, Grace. I’m making YOU grumpy.” She said very seriously.

She was right, you know. He was at least partly enjoying her shenanigans and I was making  a lot bigger fuss then he was. :/

She’s also very wise…

She informed me that the light switch in the bathroom is to pee and and the fan switch is to poop. 🙂

Well, there’s just a bit of Kenzie’s life.

We love her to pieces and like I said before, we must have been very bored before we met her. 🙂

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