Finding Your Identity in Christ

“It must be nice to never speak before thinking it through.” Someone once said to me.

Well, thats a nice thought BUT I have two problems with that statement.

  1. It’s not true. I wish it was, 🙂 but the truth is I often say things I wish I could take back because I spoke before I thought.
  2. Often I overthink and end up not saying something that should have been said.

Thats where I’m at right now. To speak or not to speak?

Considering the fact that I’m currently sitting in front of my computer I guess I already made the decision to speak. (or in this case to write.)

Now I’m trying to decide if I’m going to be blunt or if I’m going to beat around the bush and hope my point is taken.

Actually as I typed that I knew that I already know the answer. I don’t like confrontation so I will be beating around the bush. So if your reading this you might want to try reading between the lines. Ha 🙂

I know. Whatever.

My last post was on pride and this one could be labeled the same but in the end I concluded that the issue here runs deeper then pride.

I believe this is an identity crisis.

I believe that our actions speak loudly about where we find our identity…

Imagine someone who very obviously knows who she is in Christ. She has a deep inner peace that quite honestly can’t be put into words. She is quietly confident that she is loved by Jesus exactly as she is. She has the ability to walk away and not participate in gossip, but she also has the ability to speak when necessary. She is there and she supports those who are hurting. I’m pretty sure she isn’t noticed by many because she isn’t trying to be noticed, she is simply passing on the love of Christ. The most amazing thing is this: I don’t think this is how she would describe herself, I think, she would say the exact opposite. Which makes sense, really, because it isn’t her that you are seeing. It is Christ in her that shines so brightly. She has found her identity in him and because of it God can freely work through her.

I read this phrase awhile back and I liked it alot.

I must become less so he can become more.

I like it because its a great way to picture what happens when we allow Christ to become God over our life. As we give up our rights and die to self, we fade away, our selfishness, pride and what not becomes less and less visible as we are transformed by the blood of the lamb to become more and more like him. We become less visible and he becomes more visible. 

Isn’t that simply  incredible?!

Now imagine someone who has not yet found her identity in Christ but rather is looking for it in people. She is driven to be recognized for what she is doing. She needs to feel needed. It looks good enough because she is serving others, she is giving of herself. Almost recklessly, she is involved in everything, she feels the need to take charge of more then she is capable of and trusts no one to do something without her help or direction. I can only imagine how exhausting this must be. When you’re around her you can feel her nervous energy. The calm peace of Christ seems to be missing. She is trying to be good enough. She is trying to meet human standards. What she desperately needs is to recognize that she is loved by Jesus exactly as she is. She doesn’t need to prove to anyone that she is good enough because if she looks to the Father she will realize that he loves and accepts her right now exactly as she is!

Sometimes the best way to help someone is to step back, do nothing and let the person that God has really called to this task to do it, because if we haven’t really been called to do it, we aren’t helping but rather we end up making a big mess out of things.

So think about it. Where do you find your identity?

If you find it in Christ thats awesome! You have found a freedom that can’t be described. You are not held captive by the world and its standards. You are FREE in the love of Christ and because of it he can work through you.

If you find it in people I’m here to tell you that you will never be good enough for them. You might please one person only to realize that you now don’t equal up to someone else’s standards. So stop. Please just stop.

Look to Jesus and the cross. He died for you! Thats how much he loves you. You don’t need to change anything before you come to him. Just come and let him change you. He knows you better then you know yourself so you definitely can’t surprise him. Just come as you are and let him blow you away with his incredible love. Let him fill you with his peace. Realize that his opinion of you is the only one that really matters.

Be blessed and let Jesus love you! 🙂


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