The place where everyone’s lives are perfect.

The place where we try to out do each other.

The place where you learn about everything, including things we didn’t want to know.

The place where we form opinions on people we have never even met.

I struggle with Facebook. In fact sometimes I HATE Facebook.

I have many times considered deleting my account.

But I don’t.


Well, I could name quite a few reasons (excuses) why I don’t.

Here’s a start:

  1. My number one reason is because Facebook keeps us in touch with people all over the states and even a couple countries that we would other wise lose touch with.
  2. Reason number 2 is that I enjoy reading all the posts and blogs people share on parenting, church and just life in general. My favorite blogs are the ones on parenting.

Or so I thought.

I have really started to question if I actually enjoy reading them after all.

You know the blogs about the tired looking mom wearing a t-shirt, with her hair in messy bun, pushing her cart with a crying baby and a whining toddler through Target, trying desperately to get to the check out line in one piece?:)

Yea, I have read quite a few of those, they are of course all written a bit differently but in the end they all have the same point:

  1. Parenting is a challenge.
  2. Some days you feel like your racing with the clock and you’re losing the battle.
  3. Kids act out no matter where you are.

I have had these days. I know how it is when my baby is finally almost sleeping and my 2 year old tells me she needs to use the bathroom. I need about 5 more minutes then I’ll be able to lay down my baby without him waking up, but I also know that my 2 year old waits so long before using the restroom that I might only have 5 seconds to get her there in time.

So you see, I know the struggle is real.

I also know that after reading blog after blog about how chaotic parenting can be, I started to feel a bit stressed and both of my children were napping! Yes, they took a nap at the same time! No, that almost never happens:)

You see: my tolerance for chaos  is very, very low. It is so low that I will plan in detail every step of something as simple as going to the store for groceries with 2 kids.

It goes something like this:

  1. I gather everything I need to take along.
  2. I then load everything into the SUV.
  3. Put 2 year old into her carseat. ( she doesn’t mind waiting)
  4.  Put baby into carseat.
  5. Quickly back out of garage before baby realizes he’s in his carseat but we aren’t moving.

Which brings me to the part where I must admit: I never yet attempted to go for groceries with 2 kids.

Yep. You guessed it.

It’s too chaotic.

I either go when my husband can go with me or when I can leave the kids at home with him.

The above list does happen though.

Every. Single. Time. I leave the house, on my own, with my kids.:)

I guess my point is: We all have chaotic days as moms and we will continue to have them because kids are unpredictable and they definitely aren’t looking out for our emotional needs:) but as human beings we all have weaknesses and we all have strengths. So if we learn how to use our strengths and plan around our weaknesses our ‘mom life’ won’t be quite as chaotic.

Yes, I am aware that as a mom with only 2 kids, I really don’t qualify to write about ‘crazy mom life’ even if I’m currently typing with one hand while breast feeding my baby and answering countless questions asked by my 2 year old.

In the meantime I’ll probably quit reading all the ‘stressed out target mom’ posts.:) I’ll probably still read a few because some days I really can relate to her:) So if I won’t be reading as many of those I could subscribe to a few blogs.

Which means I could delete Facebook.

Except I still didn’t find a solution for reason number 1.

Yea, I won’t be deleting Facebook any time soon.

But who knows maybe the red cup posts will be my undoing…

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