God’s Word

This weeks speaker was Alan Dunbar. He spoke on God’s word. He taught us how we can search back through documents of times past to prove that the Bible is legit. He also told a lot of stories of archeological finds that prove the old testament isn’t merely stories but is actually true and these people really lived and the things that we read about really truly happened. It was fascinating but honestly? I was pretty bored all week:) I would enjoy going to the Holy Lands and seeing these things for myself but sitting in class simply hearing about them wasn’t something I really enjoyed. But I must say, knowing that they actually have bits of rocks with greek writing on it, that says the names of some Bible people is pretty cool.:)

This week was short because of Thanksgiving. We had lectures Monday morning and afternoon, Tuesday morning and evening and Wednesday morning. So Wednesday after 12:00 we were free to do whatever we pleased till 8:00 Monday morning! YAY!:) Thats pretty exciting:) Some of the students actually went home to be with their families for Thanksgiving, while others (like us:) had their families join them here. And the ones that stayed on the base got invitations to the homes of some of the staff for a Thanksgiving meal. The staff also planned some activities to fill the long weekend. These included: A movie at the Wilkes (DTS leaders) on Wednesday night. Going to the Christmas Parade in Kalispell on Friday night and ice skating on Saturday night. So I think everyone will have a fun weekend and will be refreshed for our last week of lectures.:)

As for us… My family is here!:) And its AWESOME!:) Wednesday afternoon we went to Wal-mart and got the rest of the things we need for Thailand!:) That was exciting! Then Wed. evening we came over to the cabin my family rented for the weekend. It is beautiful! Inside and out. It has huge glass windows that overlook the lake and with the mountains in the background. It is a gorgeous view. My family arrived around 4:15 Thursday morning.  Some headed straight to bed while some stayed up till almost 6:30. Eventually I think everyone got to bed but by 8:00 everyone was up and ready to go again:) We didn’t do much all day other then chill here at the house.

Lakenzie wasn’t sure what to think. I got her out of bed at 6:00 because everyone could wait no longer to see her!:) She laid against me and just stared at all of them, she didn’t utter a word, but Josiah did eventually get a smile out of her. Eventually I took her back to bed and when she got up the second time she was all excited to see them and had big smiles and lots of happy gibberish.

So now we will enjoy the rest of this weekend and then my family will leave on Sunday night or Monday morning (they can’t decide:) Then we have one more week of lectures and we will be packing up to go to Thailand. We leave in a little over a week and the feeling is bitter sweet. We are so ready to move on now because after sitting in lectures for weeks and weeks ones brain starts feeling foggy and overloaded. But believe it or not we actually became rather fond of our two tiny rooms and the community living where we share everything with everyone:) Oh and by the way… We finally hit the halfway mark for this five month adventure!:)

Anyway, I’m sitting at the table in the kitchen and as people are getting up one by one it becomes harder and harder to focus on writing this blog. So I hope you all had a lovely Thanksgiving!:)

And that concludes week 10! Be Blessed!

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