Holy Spirit

This week’s speaker was Nick Gough and he taught on The Holy Spirit. His ministry ,mostly though, is prophecy and miraculous healing which, of course, is done through The Holy Spirit. While it was incredible, it was also a ‘heavier’ topic and that made this week rather emotionally draining. Honestly, I decided, it was easier being an ignorant christian even though ,I know, that’s also a dangerous place to be. But before coming here there was a lot of things about God that we knew nothing about, and we have no real desire to go back to that, but now that we know these things, our lives really are forever changed and I know that we will probably never again be able to, without guilt, live just a normal, everyday, go to work, make money and follow the latest fads kind of life. Because God’s work is not done, and we are needed and called to the mission field. Nick spoke of healings that he has seen take place, these things happen in todays world too. Why don’t we see them? Is it because America is so self-efficient that we think we don’t need God? We have some of the best hospitals, Doctors etc. so do we think if they can’t fix this or that, then that’s just how it is and it will always be like that? Is it because we forget to even ask God for healing? But these things really do happen today even in America. Nick spoke of several people in his church who were healed, through prayer, of cancer or other diseases, defects etc.

He also teaches a lot on phrophecy. When he does street evangelizing, he’ll ask God, who do u want me to speak to? And what do u want me to say? He then walks up to the person he feels God is leading him to, and then proceeds to tell them whats happening in their life right now, to which they most times start crying and ask how did you know? And then, this gives him the opportunity to share the gospel because who isn’t interested in knowing a God that ,not only, knows all about your life, but also sends someone to encourage you in one of your darkest moments. And we can do this too, you and me, or anyone else that is willing to step out on faith and listen to The Holy Spirit’s guidance. And yes, It’s possible to get it wrong. Nick shared a story about one time when he prophesied over five different people and they all said, “No, that’s not my story. So he asked God, what’s this all about? And he felt God was saying ‘ I wanted to remind you, that you can only do this through me, it’s not something you are capable of doing on your own.

Life here is still good, living in the hills of Montana is something, I think, we could do permanently:) The base is located at the foot of a small mountain and theres a huge lake about a 7 minute walk from here. And theres pine trees everywhere, theres other trees as well but mostly its forests of pine trees and heres the cool part, they turn orange in the fall! And it is beautiful! I always thought all pine trees were evergreens, not true! some of them actually change their color:) So yes, fall in Montana is GORGEOUS! We don’t actually have snow here yet, but if u drive down the highway you can see snow capped mountains in the distance, like I said, ITS BEAUTIFUL:) And the sky is never-ending, It sits on top of the earth like a huge dome. And I think its always glamorous looking:) At home we might see a few clouds in the small space of sky we can see, but ,here, theres ,almost always, streaks of clouds, everywhere you look and its beautiful! Just take my word for it because its really indescribable, you pretty much need to see it for yourself:)

As for us, right now we are counting down the days till outreach because it is coming up in about 4 weeks!:) Which, means our time of DTS is also winding down, (I know we aren’t even halfway through yet:) but that doesn’t stop the question of ‘what are we doing after this?’ from coming up. What we know for sure, right now, is that since our house didn’t sell, we are definitely moving back to PA for now. But will we stay there? If God wants us to, yes, we will. But we feel pretty certain that God’s plans for us are not in PA. Where exactly he wants us to go, we honestly have no idea. But we feel pretty sure, that he wants us to go home for awhile then come back to the mission field. Maybe that means working here at YWAM Montana? Maybe it means helping pioneer  the YWAM base in Thailand? Or maybe it means getting involved in the work that’s being done in Taiwan? We really have no idea where God wants us to go, but we feel, he’s saying, just take a day at time, when the time is right, I will reveal my plans for your future.

Last night we had ‘giving night’. The students whose school fees still weren’t covered totaled to $15,710. As each person gave what they felt led too give, the number kept coming down, after 90 minutes the amount of money still owed hit $0.00!! Praise God! Because it’s beyond me how a bunch of broke people could come up with $15,000 but God is good:):):) There was also giving done in the form of encouragement notes, art, jewelry, and a couple people even gave away their guitars, both of them as they gave away their most prized possession, the amount on the board that they still owed, started going down by huge amounts at a time, it was really mazing to be a part of. And the celebration afterwards was crazy, as the whole school ended up doing some crazy dancing:)

And that concludes week 7! Be Blessed!

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