Getting Started

JESUS IS SO GOOD! Ok so my brain is so full, I’m not even sure where to start. This week was awesome, overwhelming, rough, draining, educational and simply incredible all at the same time! Imagine that! First of all Kenzie is having a really hard time adjusting (pray for her please?) She normally spends 5 days a wk with me and 2 days with my mom or 1 of my siblings so having someone else take care of her is totally knew to her, and she is in new surroundings with new people and theres ALOT of people. She does have a very easy going personality but this is still too much for her little mind. So this week she was extremely clingy and grumpy which is so not her! She usually enjoys people but there’s so many people and they all love to love on her (and I’m so glad they do:) but this gets a little overwhelming to her, she responds with either a big cheesy smile and a VERY cheesy hi! Or she hides her face against my shoulder whining ‘not want to, not want to!’  So! Trying to be a student and a mom is one of the hardest things I have ever done. We spend roughly 4 hrs every morning and 2 hours every afternoon having our brains filled to overflowing with information, plus we have some evening activities, and we need to keep a journal, and we have 1 book report a month. So the workload is not overwhelming but with a child….. well lets just say my alone time has withered away to almost nothing because we believe Lakenzie to still be the first mission God has given us, so I want to spend as much time as possible with her each day, but that leaves no time for ‘me time’ and if you know me very well you will know that I absolutely cannot function well if I have no ‘me time!’ So there was a couple times this week when I really, truly thought that I had reached my limit, but you know, JESUS IS SO GOOD! So when I got to the end of me, he gave me of his strength to keep going, but sometimes my pride got in the way and I turned away the help he was offering, only to learn (once again) that I can’t! I am not enough! I need him! So i must say he has definitely carried us through this week but I am so thankful to have the next two days to whatever we want and we get to spend every single minute with Kenzie, which is awesome, because we are going to do everything possible to fill her love tank full and overflowing! As this week went on she did better everyday though, so I’m sure she’ll be fine once she gets settled in, and everything becomes more ‘normal to her.’ Oh and by the way have you ever tried to ‘shower’ a one year old? It is interesting to say the least! Yes all we have is showers no bathtubs, and the first time, i tried to wash her hair in the shower, but I would advise everyone NOT to try that, it did not go well, at all. So the next time I was a little smarter and I washed her hair in the sink. that worked much better! And then I stuck her in the shower, but she’s way to short so all the water pelts down on her head which, to her, is kinda fun and kinda awful all at the same:/ So we try to hurry, so she doesn’t drown, which has led me to conclude that she won’t be truly clean for the next 3 months!! Oh and did I mention that by the time we are done I think I’m more wet then she is!

As for what we learned this week, a lot of it was the basics of getting started, rules regulations etc. But we also had teachings on subjects such as, prayer and intercession, hearing God’s voice, the gospel, our identity in Christ and the issue of pride. All of it is so good! Do you know Jesus loves you? Of course you know that right? But do you REALLY, REALLY know, and REALLY, REALLY believe that he REALLY, REALLY loves you! I think its something we hear so often that after awhile it just becomes something we say and not something we see as truth. So lets BELIEVE it!:) And lets live it! Yea it was much easier to type that then it is to live it!:) We have only been here 1 wk but God has already showed us so many things! Everything we already knew, is true but its so much more then that! It can go so much deeper if we allow God to take us there. Prayer for example, we already know how to pray, but God is just waiting to take us to whole knew level with it, to take us deeper and bring us closer to him through prayer. He wants US more then we can ever know or imagine, he wants to share an intimacy with us that runs so deep! So deep that it blows us away, so deep that it blows away everything we thought we already knew about him! And he’s waiting on us, on you, with more tenderness then we can imagine, to simply relinquish our rights, our possessions, our very beings and souls to him. He wants all of it, all the ugly and the not so ugly, he wants us to trust him and to simply give ourselves to him so we can have that deep relationship with him and so we can feel the tons of love that he pours down upon us!     JESUS IS SO GOOD!!

And that concludes our first week! Be Blessed! And Believe! JESUS LOVES YOU!!

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