YWAM Montana

We are here! We left our house around 12:00am on wed, took our time traveling out, stopped at the badlands, MT Rushmore and Glacier National Park then got here around 4 yesterday (sat.). Today we went to Family Life Christian church in Kalispell.  YWAM gives us 3 wks to visit churches in this area then they expect us to chose 1 and attend there for the remainder of our DTS. Our living conditions consist of 2 small rooms with 1 bed, 1 desk with a chair, a couple random pieces of furniture for our clothes and 4 closets(: we share a bathroom (1 mens, 1 woman’s ) with everyone on this dorm floor which is roughly 20 people. We have scheduled meals in the dining hall where everyone eats together. So far all that hasn’t been too bad but not too sure about living this way for 3 months!:/ But we believe ‘If God led us to it he will also lead us through it’ and we are excited to see what his plans are for us over the next couple months here.

Many people asked us to keep them updated, and this blog is an attempt to do that, I’m not sure how much updating I’ll get done, but I’ll give it my best effort(: so if your one of those people just follow this blog.(: 

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